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Women in their thirties, past and present, different.

About 20 years old, get married, when you are 30 years old, it is considered middle age. and about 40-50 years old, looks like a grandmother As for wrinkles, not to mention called The skin is clearly wrinkled due to…

> People in the past didn't take care of themselves.
> No skin care products and sun protection creams
> There is no course or treatment for skin care.
> Medical innovation does not cover skin aging.

Different from today's girls who are 30 years old is the age when life begins. Because they have just graduated or have found their own clear path, and many 60-year-olds are still strong and fit. Gives a fresh, glowing complexion Not dilapidated by age like people in the past Due to important advances in medical and aesthetic care

> People nowadays turn to take care of themselves more Don't let yourself get tired with age.
> various cosmetics There are many to choose from. Delivered directly from the best production sources around the world.
> There are courses or treatments for skin care, both Botulinum toxin Filling substance and many skin care techniques
> In addition, the evolution of beauty technology has developed far and slows down the aging process. Especially slowing down the skin to be ten years younger. with innovations like Thermage FLX recognized by celebrities around the world

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