The cold can help you lose fat and sculpt your dream body.


Benefits of fat removal CoolSculpting

 is safe

 There is research, invention and development continuously for more than 20 years.

 More than 52 research papers are supported.

 It is a machine from the United States. Approved by US-FDA standards.

More than 7 million people have received targeted fat reduction worldwide. and satisfied with the results

Nowadays, the trend of body care for both women and men is 'Leanness' Little fat, lots of muscle have a waist shape look healthy and strong Getting lean requires both disciplined exercise and a strict diet.
But no matter how hard I try, some points in the body have fat accumulation that cannot be eliminated, called 'stubborn fat' Makes the goal of having a body shape in your dreams come true.

'coolness' is A helper that can completely dissolve fat and sculpt the shape of your dreams.deep to the cellular level which is safe and can actually get rid of fat permanently

Cryolipolysis is a concept that was discovered more than 40 years ago. It was observed that when young children sucked on ice cream for a long time, the fat around their plump cheeks disappeared. Or inflammation of the fat layer around the thighs and thighs smaller. Due to going out to ride a horse in the cold weather and not wearing adequate cold protection

Later, in 1999, a team of scientists at Harvard University United States The aforementioned observations were used for research and experimentation and found that fat would die from exposure to cold. Because fat cells respond to cold faster than other types of cells.

When knowing the process of lipolysis in 2007, there was a production and development. Technology to reduce fat by cold or machine 'CoolSculpting' which is an innovation that can permanently kill fat cells make a messy shape stubborn fat accumulation transformed into a powerful concise by current machine CoolSculpting The latest model developed for fat removal by cold is 2017.

Principle of the machine CoolSculpting That is, fat freezes faster than water at about 4 degrees Celsius. which is considered the freezing point of fat After treatment, fat cells under the skin will die. But other surrounding cells do not die. Because the temperature used is specific to fat cells only.

 CoolSculpting It is therefore the first and only tool. That is used to reduce body fat effectively and with the best results at this time. without surgery and liposuction

 Can get rid of accumulated fat by cold in many areas such as the waist, lower arms, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, under the breasts, sides of the body, inner thighs, fat under the chin, wattle, double chin, etc. No matter how much exercise you exercise, it cannot be dissolved.

by machine CoolSculpting Certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or US-FDA, safe for the body. no scar no surgery and do not need to recuperate

Lean body sculpting is no longer difficult. and the more you are a person who takes care of your health You are already in control of your diet and exercise. Fat dissolving from cold by machine CoolSculpting The more you see results and keep the results for a long time.

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