5 dangerous signs of skin problems

That people have poor skin health. Yes, suddenly The skin immediately deteriorated. But there must be a gradual process of change. And most importantly, the body must send signals first. In order for us to deal with the dangerous signals of the skin, the main signs of skin problems are 5 things as follows.

dull rough skin

Dullness and dullness of the skin, either on the face, around the eyes or on the body, is one of the warning signs of skin problems and deterioration. In addition to having to take care of yourself very well. by eating useful food and get enough rest also need to cleanse the skin with nourishing products Including consulting a specialist in conjunction with the skin to return to good health soon.

flaky dry skin

The dryness of the skin is particularly tight. It is a signal that the body indicates that the body is dehydrated. The solution is to increase the amount of clean drinking to approximately 2 liters per day and nourish the skin with concentrated moisturizers. Or add vitamins to nourish the skin to be healthy, full, radiant, bright.

large pores

Warning signs of skin from large pores and large pores It causes the skin to be uneven. and an obstacle to make-up caused by various factors such as touching and squeezing acne not clean face Or use cosmetics that are not suitable for the skin, so you should choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Wash your face with room temperature water. Including facial mask or pore tightening with laser will make the pores tighter and tighter.


Uneven skin tone, blemishes, freckles and dark spots are distractions and signs of unhealthy skin. The more Thailand is a hot country, the sun keeps hurting the skin causing dark spots all the time. As you get older, there are even more blemishes, freckles, or dark spots caused by hormonal changes in the body. which can be treated by pushing vitamins into the skin and choose foods that are beneficial to the skin especially vegetables and fruits

have wrinkles

When the age increases, the wrinkles and sagging of the skin begin to visit. However, skin wrinkles may come from the body's warning signs, such as being exposed to pollution that damages the skin without protection, such as being exposed to UVB rays without sunscreen. cause wrinkles to occur prematurely The solution, besides avoiding sun exposure, is to protect your skin by regularly applying sunscreen.

When your body sends these 5 warning signs, you need to keep an eye on yourself and don't be complacent. Before the beautiful skin is taken from you!!!


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