Change the 'Broken' face to the 'Bang' face.


The more you age Is it the same? The confidence in the skin is even lower. I feel older, not just my age, but my skin as well.


The former used to upload photos to social media. You can edit photos with a single application. There are no lack of likes, comments, praise. It's called being in a great era!!! I can say

Nowadays? As for the number of likes and comments, it has dwindled over time. Are we crashing here?



Wrinkled face, enlarged jaw, uneven skin tone, a classic problem of aging people. Decided to rely on Bo* so that wrinkles would disappear. will come back to bang again

Try consulting a doctor at a beauty clinic. got a lot more clarity


The doctor explained that…the problem of wrinkles and unevenness of the skin occurs from 2 major causes, namely
– 1 wrinkles from facial expressions
– 2 Aging wrinkles

solving with Bo or 'Botulinum toxin' which is pure protein achieved only half the effect by makingWrinkles from facial expressions and emotions are reduced. e.g. from laughing, smiling, or other emotions, includingjaw reductioncan too


But if you want to reduce wrinkles, tighten your skin, and restore your glow and good skin quality.
Your doctor recommends treatment in conjunction with 'Hifu' (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) will makeReduce wrinkles caused by aging, tighten the skin and keep the face frame.

by Hifu It uses ultrasound energy to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles from the inside down to the SMAS layer, making the skin look good from the inside out.

therefore Bo + Hifu treatment solves both wrinkles from facial expressions. and wrinkles caused by aging

The result is 

  Wrinkles from facial expressions are reduced.
 wrinkles caused by aging
 decreased jaw size
 The face frame is tightened up.
 Improved overall skin quality

This remedy is suitable for people aged 20+, 30+, and 40+, using the same amount of drug (Unit) and number of lines (Line). Less problems, less drug and less treatment lines. But if there are many problems, the number of drugs and lines will increase according to skin problems.
It's time to change the damage. We are back to bang again. With a deadly pair! Bo reduces wrinkles from facial expressions + Hifu reduces wrinkles, tightens sagging from aging Let's bang together again.


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