How to change yourself to look better

7 ways to turn yourself into a charmer in the month of love

Stepping into the month of love Let's manage your charm to look good with '7 ways to turn yourself into a charmer in the month of love' These methods can be used by everyone. both who already have a partner to refresh their hearts This may result in a degree of stable love that is even sweeter. Or someone who is unmarried may shine brightly to affect someone's eyes and heart. Let's try to follow these methods.

1 – Dress to look good and have confidence.

The dress includes the selection of clothes, face, hair, accessories, shoes and bags, which these things should choose that look good and suitable for themselves, including colors, patterns and shapes and details. Without having to be a brand-name item on the cover But when you wear it, you need to feel confident in yourself. therefore being able to attract and impress anyone must turn to look at you Because a well-dressed, attractive and confident person You have to want to look at it…is it true?

2 – Giving a heart-warming smile

A smile is one of the charms that make an impression on anyone. As the saying goes, 'Smile impresses' Just smile and make people around you smile too. But if it's a smile that you intend to give to someone special or someone who catches your eye in particular. Must be a smile that is sweeter than usual And a smile shouldn't just smile once and then disappear. Instead, smile at an appropriate and meaningful pace. Just like this, your smile will be the beginning of a good relationship that will follow or maintain some existing relationships.

3 – Adjust the tone of the voice to be pleasant to listen to.

'Voice' is another quality that makes us fall in love with someone or dislike them. Because if your voice is charming, people will want to talk to you more often. different from someone who speaks with a loud growl or whistling. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have a melodious voice equal to that of a famous singer. But to know how to adjust the tone of voice to be polite and suitable for the subject spoken and the occasion Many people have a husky voice but can still sound 'husky' just by paying attention to the choice of tone.

4 – Always laugh and have a good sense of humor.

Having the right sense of humor not arrogant In addition to indicating that you are in a good mood, your sanity also makes you look attractive. and make people around you happy as well You'll notice in your group of friends that there's always one person who's funny, has a good sense of humor, and who's comfortable around and talking to. In addition, laughing out of humor has the effect of relaxing the muscles in your face. make me feel comfortable Some smiles, some laughs, some humor. It's a good stretch to the face. It's not difficult for anyone to like and fall in love with you.

5 – Maintain a fit body

A shape that looks fit and firm. In part, it reflects that you are someone who cares and takes good care of yourself. Do not neglect or indulge in the lack of discipline until the puppet starts to rot. But if anyone is still not satisfied with the shape they have This month of love is a great opportunity for you to start paying attention and take care of your body. By eating nutritious food, exercising and getting enough sleep. In the meantime, keep yourself looking clean and tidy until you get the body of your dreams.

6 – Take care of your skin to be healthy.

Delicate skin and even skin tone attract the eye. More than the skin is mottled or pimples all over the face. Therefore, you should pay attention to keeping your skin smooth and glowing with vitality. May use a nourishing cream that contains ingredients to nourish the skin deeply. together with eating fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to the skin and cure acne If there are not many acne spots, you may just use commercially available acne treatment products. But if you have problems with inflamed acne, clogged acne and acne scars Seeing a doctor for treatment is probably the best solution.

7 – Make your body smell good.

Let's come to the last point. After you change yourself in the month of love for 6 items, this 7th item is the perfect fulfillment of the charm in you. With a special perfume or body lotion that gives a pleasant aroma and nourishes the skin to be fresh and glowing with good health at the same time. The fragrant body odor that kicks the nose will surely induce good feelings, but be careful not to use too much until the fragrance becomes pungent.
This is the end of the ceremony to transform yourself into a charmer 7 things as mentioned above. Now you are ready to show off your new image as a dazzling good looking person. happy love month I wish you to find good love and be happy and fulfilled!!'

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