ACNE SKIN SET acne solution formula

ACNE SKIN SET acne solution formula

receipt number 10-1-5983794, 10-1-5973887, 10-1-5986561, 10-1-6100050041

Anti Acne Facial Foam Facial cleansing foam, acne solution formula, size 80 grams, price 140 baht

Refreshing Gel Facial cleansing gel, size 30 grams, price 300 baht

Nano Sunscreen Sunscreen, size 25 grams, price 280 baht

Acne Gel Acne Gel. Size 20 grams. Price is 400 baht.


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Anti Acne Facial Foam
Soft and smooth facial foam acne problem solution Has properties to help clean the skin and pores deeply. Slow down the accumulation of bacteria that causes acne. Reduce inflammation, irritation, rashes, sensitive skin

Refreshing Gel
facial products Help restore freshness to make the skin smooth and soft. tighten pores down Makes the skin soft, wrinkles are reduced and the skin looks smoother.

Nano Sunscreen
Sun protection products for the face, formulated with nanotechnology. It has water and sweat resistant properties. Light cream texture not sticky

Acne Gel
facial products For those who have acne problems caused by dirt, oily face and acne. as well as helping to soothe the skin from irritation and reduce the cause of acne