Anti Acne Facial Foam

Anti Acne Facial Foam

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Soft and smooth facial foam acne problem solution Has properties to help clean the skin and pores deeply. Slow down the accumulation of bacteria that causes acne. Reduce inflammation, irritation, rashes, sensitive skin And adjust the skin condition from acne problems to make the skin smooth, soft, moisturized and revealing new, healthy skin.

Size 80 grams. Price 140 baht.


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key ingredient

Chamomile Extract
Has properties to suppress the growth of bacteria, the cause of acne, helps heal wounds, softens the skin. Reduce skin irritation and inflammation as well as delivering softness, smoothness and moisture is an antioxidant (Anti-oxidant), reduce swelling and deeply clean pores.

Lactic Acid (AHA)
Extract obtained from sour milk. helps stimulate the outer wall to fall off faster Ready to reveal new skin that is strong and healthy.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)
The drug is applied externally and locally in the treatment of skin diseases. which causes the outer layer to fall off faster

antibacterial agent (Anti-bacteria), which is commonly used as a mixture of various skin cleaning products.

plant extract Has properties to repair the skin to be smooth. prevent skin irritation And reduce allergies, making the skin soft and smooth without rashes