Ultherapy SPT lifts and tightens the skin 300 lines

Ultherapy SPT lifts and tightens the skin 300 lines

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Ultherapy SPT is suitable for

✅ Those who want to lift the skin Lifting

✅ 25 years old or older

✅ Sagging skin according to the gravity of the world.

✅ Want to see full results in 3 months

✅ The face frame is not clear, cheeks hang, skin under the chin is sagging. and have wrinkles around the eyes

✅ There are wrinkles around the face, eyes and neck, such as droopy eyelids, droopy eyebrows, droopy corners of the mouth, etc.

✅ Want to adjust skin condition. Increase the tightness of the face. and tighten pores

✅ Face shape is not equal. or want to adjust the shape of the face to be slender and firm The face frame is clear and has a natural dimension.

✅ Don't want surgery, do surgery. and no recovery time

✅ Through other ways to lift the skin. but the treatment effect is not clear


Results of skin tightening with Ultherapy SPT

✅ Help lift, tighten, adjust the face shape to be slender and the face frame clearer.

✅ Lift and tighten your face to look younger.

✅ Solve the problem of falling eyelids and tighten the lower eyelids that are sagging.

✅ Raised eyebrows make eyes look bigger

✅ Reduce wrinkles and sagging skin for smoother skin. Both the face and neck area

✅ Treatment doesn't cause wounds.

✅ After doing, you can make up as usual. without recuperation


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