The negative effects of snoring It affects your life more than you think!


As we already know, 'snoring' is caused by various muscles. in the mouth relaxes and sags down to block the airway Causing the breath to not pass through the trachea and lungs easily until a snoring sound occurs which is the main reason Caused by increasing age, obesity or heredity, etc. “Men have a 6-10 times greater chance of snoring than women, and women will experience snoring when they enter menopause.” Let's look better. What are the negative effects of snoring?

both short term and long term

That affects physical, mental and emotional health. Short-term negative effects of snoring. Snoring results in low oxygen in the blood. due to lack of air and the upper airway is closed The body will try to breathe harder. to open the airway This will stimulate the brain to wake up often. While we sleep, it causes symptoms in the short term as follows:
Can't sleep or can't sleep deeply.
not feeling refreshed
dry throat after waking up
Dizziness and frequent headaches
decreased work efficiency or fall asleep while working
Excessive sleepiness during the day
short attention span, poor memory
Irritability, mood swings
poor mental health
accident because of drowsiness and sleepiness
decreased metabolic efficiency of the body
Fatigue or tired easily like not getting enough rest
decreased testosterone resulting in sexual dysfunction
having family problems Married life is not smooth. or a divorce

Long term effects of snoring

Life threatening include:
high blood pressure
heart disease
cardiac arrhythmias
acute myocardial infarction from ischemia
cerebrovascular disease, paralysis, paralysis
Alzheimer's disease or dementia
people who have snoring There is a chance of sleep apnea. If left untreated for a long time, there is a high risk of death. So snoring is not a habit that should be overlooked. Currently, there is an innovation in medicine 'Snoreless' which is a new tool to treat snoring. without surgery no recovery and see results from the first timesolve snoring problems

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