Compare clearly the differences of Thermage Vs. Ulthera, which innovation is more suitable for taking care of your skin?

For those who value self-care and maintain a youthful appearance, Thermage and Ulthera are well-known beauty innovations. But I believe that there are still many people who can't clearly distinguish between Thermage and Ulthera. Read this article and you will get to know the machine. Thermage and Ulthera clearer

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 Thermage is 

Thermage is the number one innovation in tighten skin from the company SOLTA MEDICAL United States Received the US-FDA standard by starting to use it to tighten the skin since 2003. Thermage is popular with people in all circles. Currently, there are more than 2 million people who have performed Thermage worldwide. Throughout the years, Thermage has been continuously developing the machine. There are new models of Thermage coming out all the time and theThe latest device developed is Thermage FLX (purple head) That was developed to be more outstanding than all previous models

 Highlights of Thermage FLX 

Use fewer shots, get more results.

More accurate treatment Because there is a real-time processing screen, it makes it possible to see shot-to-shot treatment.

It takes less time to maintain than the previous machine.

While treating, the pain will be less or almost no pain due tocan adjust the energy value to suit each individual

 How the Thermage works 

Thermage uses radio frequency technology, or CRF ( Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency ) transmits heat energy into the deep layers of the skin Dermis and the subcutaneous fat layer, whichIt is a treatment for firm and firm skin. The small face is in shape from the structure of the skin.

Currently, the point that can Do Thermage There are many, including reducing wrinkles or wrinkles around the forehead. eyelid area or Thermage Eyes toadd charm to the eyes bags under the eyes facial area or Thermage Face The front frame makesThe front frame is clear and dimensional. abdominal area or Thermage Body to make the abdominal skin firm and smooth Suitable for those who lose weight or mothers who have gone through childbirth, around the hips and areas from the thighs, knees, and legs. 'Thermage can tighten the skin all over the body'

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 Thermage fits 

Thermage can be done from the age of 25 years andIt is suitable for treating sagging skin problems, not firm skin, lots of cheeks, nasolabial folds, uneven skin, and fat accumulation.In the area that needs to be treated and wants the skin in that area to be firm, for example, there is a lot of fat on the cheeks that causes cheek grooves, cheeks to hang, flabby skin, resulting in an aged look Including areas that are concerned or have wrinkles and sagging skin on other parts of the body as mentioned above. Thermage helps tighten the skin.

 Thermage FLX Results 

 The skin is tight and firm from the moment you do it until you can feel it. and see clearer results in 1-3 months, with results lasting 1-1.5 years*

 decreased subcutaneous fat The face frame is clear, slender, beautiful, fit into the shape, sharper, more dimensional.

 More beautiful, look younger naturally.

 Smoother skin, fine lines, wrinkles and wrinkles. fade away

 Helps restore and stimulate the creation of new collagen, making the skin beautiful and overall skin health better.

Reference information from:

” For Pongsak Clinic, the Thermage machine has been imported to take care of the skin for customers.Since the Thermage CPT machine (orange head) This makes our medical team have more than 10 years of experience in doing skin tightening thermage andThere are more than 2,000,000 Shots of Thermage done at Pongsak Clinic.

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 Ultherapy or Ulthera is 

Ulthera It is considered the only innovation in the world that has been recognized for 'lift + tighten skin' from Merz Aesthetics Germany By obtaining US-FDA standards, the personal Ulthera device is used. LiftingSkin In 2009, Ulthera has been popular all over the world as well. and has more than 2 million users worldwide fromOutstanding results in skin lifting and has developed a machine with new techniques constantly come out, such as Ultherapy for Men For the care of the skin of men especially, Ulthera First Skin care foundation starts at Ulthera, Ulthera SPT Designed to lift and tighten the skin to meet your needs.

 The strength of Ulthera SPT comes from 3 things: 

S-SEE The screen can see the real skin before treatment. to analyze the problem and treat the skin exactly

P-PLAN There is a treatment plan to suit each individual's actual skin layer.

T-TREAT Resulting in better results in lifting and tightening your skin as you like.

 Operation of Ulthera 

It uses selective ultrasound energy, or MFU-V ( Microfocus Ultrasound with Visualization ) directly to lift and tighten the skin layer SMAS causing the sagging skin to be pulled back to be firmer and alsoThe effect covers the inner skin and the subcutaneous fat layer. Makes the skin firmer from the inside out. And stimulate the creation of collagen for beautiful skin, look younger.

Ulthera can be done in many areas, including Raise the eyebrows, lift the outer corners of the eyes, lift the droopy corners of the mouth that cause an aged look. Keep the wattle under the chin, keep the face frame, reduce wrinkles around the neck and chest. It also takes care of the sagging skin of the stomach and body of the mother after giving birth to be smooth and firm.

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 Ulthera fits 

People aged 25 and over have problems.sagging skin lack of firmness have wrinkles around the eyes front frame is unclear wattle under the chin want to adjust the face stay young or keep the front frameTo be sharper and more slender Ulthera will help restore firmness and youthfulness to your skin. Comparison to show that the picture is As you get older, your skin sags under the force of gravity. The older you get, the more sagging you get. Our face shape will change. For example, from a slender V-shaped face at a young age, it will change into a U-shaped face, then if left unattended, it will eventually turn into an O-shaped face. experience the sagging of the skin Ulthera can help lift and tighten your skin.

 Results of Ulthera 

The sagging skin is lifted and tightened.

Under the eyes that have settled, lifted up. eyes look bigger and brighter

Decreased double chin under the chin

Stimulates collagen production, brightens skin and tightens pores.

The face frame looks clearer. with results from after doing And the results lasted 1-1.5 years*

Reference information from:

” Pongsak Clinic provides services for Ulthera since the very first device. and update new techniques For better results every year This makes our medical team have experience doing Ulthera until it is widely accepted by customers. Confirmed with the number 1 lifting award for 5 consecutive years and having done more than 2,000,000 lines of Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic.

Get to know Thermage and Ulthera in full. Let's go. If asked between Thermage and Ulthera Which device is better? Having said that, both tools are world-class skin care innovations as well. But there are differences from the country of origin, working principle, energy consumption. skin focus including the treatment of skin problems and the results are different.

Pongsak Clinic has a team of doctors and staff who are skilled in both Thermage and Ulthera The Thermage machine is suitable for those whose face has fat, such as a lot of cheeks, having a problem with the nasolabial folds. The Ulthera machine is suitable for those who have sagging skin problems such as after weight loss. increasing age The front frame is unclear, etc.

Now, if asked…can you be interested in doing both tools at once? If you have both skin problems, fine! But should do Thermage first. because it will make the fat and the face frame fit first Then gradually tighten the sagging skin with Ulthera. You will get the results of lifting and rejuvenating the skin like X2.

At Pongsak Clinic, we focus on results and customer satisfaction. We therefore organize promotions or packages for both tools. face lift There are also two bundled packs. Thermage Ulthera Also if you have any questions want to know the promotion Or seek advice and let the doctor evaluate the treatment. Contact us for a free consultation! Both online channels and in front of every branch.

Interested in doing Thermage or Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic? Free facial evaluation!!! by a doctor or ask for a special price promotion

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