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9 steps to do 'Thermage CPT / FLX' without pain and look young! – Pongsak Clinic

If wishing to reverse age, reverse age, and adjust sagging skin to be tight and firm smaller face and skin look younger Innovation named Thermage Has properties to reduce pain and increase the efficiency of treatment. can take the readers back to the age of the skin effectively Currently, there is a version Thermage CPT and Thermage FLX which is the latest version

doing Thermage CPT or Thermage FLX Many people may have used the service before. Many others may have read it. Thermage Review Pantip Or see actors and celebrities all over the world choose to do Thermage. which he and she look better and look younger But wanting to try using the service myself, I still feel daring and afraid and don't know what to do. Will it hurt or not before having a lifted skin?

Thermage FLX

In order for readers to know the complete process of Thermage from beginning to end. In this article, the process of making Thermage is presented in detail as follows.

Thermage has 9 steps:

1. Staffapply anestheticThe thermage area and wait about 45-60 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect.

2. Medical Designposition for skin tightening

3. The doctor copies the grid paper on the patient's skin for the accuracy of treatment. (Some doctors do not use tabular form. Because there is already a precision in the treatment Or some patients may have a rash allergic to the ingredients in the grid pattern on the skin. This step is at the discretion of the physician to use or not to use the table)

4. The medic beginstreatthe which takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour 

5. while healingPatients have feelings divided into 3 stages as follows:
– Feel cool on the skin from the doctor applied the cooling gel to the skin. to protect the upper layer of the skin
– The skin starts to vibrate when the Treatment Tip of Thermage touches the skin in the treatment position.
– Later, I felt that the Treatment Tip head was vibrating and there was an alternating heat and cold on the skin area. This feeling will take 2 seconds per 1 Shots, which is the feeling that the 'RF' energy is sent through the skin into the deep layers of the skin. Resulting in heat energy in the treated area and lifting the skin up

6. during treatment The doctor will periodically ask the patient how hot he feels. to adjust the energy value to suit each individual By dividing the level of feeling from 0-4 levels as follows
– Level 0-1: skin feels only vibrating, but not warm = The treatment will have less desired effect.
– Level 2-2.5, heat in the tolerable level 
= Gives desired results after treatment
– Level 3-4 overheating = gives clearer results than other levels But it may cause injury or cause some side effects in some people with sensitive skin.

7. When the number of Shots is reached Then, for example, 600, 900, or 1,200 Shots for Thermage CPT or 300, 450, or 900 shots for Thermage FLX, the doctor will apply cold to the upper skin layer one last time. which thermage If using services with institutions that doctors and clinics are reliable Patients will be safe up to 99%, while the other 1% may have some minor and individual side effects, such as swelling, redness, small blister. Most of the side effects are very minor and disappear over time. fast

8. immediately after treatment The patient will have no pain. But in some cases, the skin may be red or pink for about 1 hour, or there will be swelling, which will disappear within 1 day, after which the patient can use makeup products andCan do activities as usual 

9. The results will be seen immediately after treatment approximately 20%. Especially the jawline that sharpens the front frame. and the treatment effect willmore and more clear until entering the 6th month The results of lifting the skin to be smooth and fit with Thermage can last for about 1-2 years, depending on the skin condition and individual care. After that, if the Thermage treatment is repeated. The treatment effect lasts longer and the skin looks visibly younger.

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Thermage FLX

After reading all 9 points, did you see it? whether to doThermage (Thermage CPT or Thermage FLX ) Not as scary as you think But if the reader still has any questions or concerns Can request a consultation from a doctor at the beauty institute or via the online channel of each beauty institute for the confidence of the patient before treatment Just like this, we can be beautiful without caring about our age. Plus, they have additional knowledge about what they choose to use, called 'beautiful too' 'strong too'.

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'Thermage' is a skin tightening technology With heat energy from radio waves in a specific form called 'Monopolar Capacitively – Coupled Radiofrequency' or 'RF', frequency 6 MHz to adjust the shape and lift the skin in each layer. This unique technology produces a very deep and uniform thermal mass. The skin is firmer and smoother from the inside out.

Thermage FLX

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