Top 5 Most Wrinkles That Make You Look Older

When the age increasesOne thing almost everyone has in common is concern.aging and wrinklesIs it right? If your answer is yes! Let's see. What wrinkles on your face increase your age and aging? Including treatment to maintain youthfulness to stay with you as long as possible with the article Top 5 Wrinkles That Make You Look Older which must be told first that If you read it, there are 5 of the worst wrinkles that will make you look 20 years older. But don't be shocked. There is still a cure if you start to turn around.take care of yourself early You may look 20 years younger.

Top 5 most wrinkles that make you look older, ranked from least to greatest.

4th runner-up – Roy's feet : Age increase +2 years
3rd runner-up – Deep groove : Age increase +3 years
2nd runner up – wrinkles around the eyes : Age increase +4 years
1st runner-up – Cheek Yue : Age increase +5 years
Winning the best wrinkles that make you look old, crown - dewlap or double chin : Age increase +6 years

4th runner-up – Roy's feet: Age increase +2 years

Crow's feet are caused by aging skin. Due to collagen and elastin that help create elasticity and strength to the skin is reduced. Including the contraction of muscles while expressing facial emotions, such as smiling, laughing, squinting, and frowning, which when expressing facial expressions, various wrinkles will be more clearly visible. Resulting in an increase of up to 2 years

Crow's feet can be treated with: 'Botulinum toxin' This reduces crow's feet and facial wrinkles caused by facial expressions. It will help relax the muscles in the area with wrinkles. prevent muscle contraction and helps make wrinkles more shallow

3rd runner-up – Deep groove : Age increase +3 years

Deep grooves are caused by decreased collagen and elastin in the skin layer, causing the skin to collapse, resulting in deep grooves, such as cheek grooves, nose grooves and mouth grooves. Especially women tend to have this problem faster than men. Makes women with trench problems increase their lifespan by 3 years.

Deep grooves can be treated with: 'Skin Lift 6D' The first laser and innovation that can treat deep into the 'Mucosa' layer inside the cheeks. To stimulate collagen production and successfully treat wrinkles around the cheeks, nose, and mouth.

2nd runner up – wrinkles around the eyes : Age increase +4 years

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive area on the face and has many problems. which increases the age by up to 4 years, including
– Wrinkles under the eyes > Caused by collagen and elastin in the skin being destroyed. causing the skin to lose its elasticity, not firming, causing wrinkles, especially around the eyes, under the eyes, and around the eyes
– Dark circles around the eyes > Caused by poor blood circulation. accumulation of melanin pigment or irritation of the skin under the eyes
– Bags under the eyes > Caused by the accumulation of water and fat around the eyes. The more you accumulate, the more weight and size of the bags under your eyes will increase until you see it.

Wrinkles around the eyes can be treated with: 'Filling substance' This is one way to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

1st runner-up – Cheamyuay: Age increase +5 years

Loose, droopy cheeks, round face, big face, occur after middle age and above. Makes the face shape from a v-shape fit into a square face. Along with the skin that is sagging, not smooth and tight like when young people due to being held back by the gravitational pull of the world for a long time Elastin is reduced and the cheeks hang down and pile up on the ridge of the chin, looking like a bag, making it look 5 years older.

Cheeks can be treated with: 'Ultherapy' and 'Hifu' skin lifting technology Keep the front frame clear. firm and firm with a specific type of ultrasound sound (Focused Ultrasound) and makes the face look younger since after treatment

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Winner of the best wrinkles that make you look old, crown at – dewlap or double chin : Age increase +6 years

The most wrinkle that can increase your age up to 6 years is dewlap or double chin. which is subcutaneous fat that accumulates under the chin Caused by weight gain resulting in fat accumulation in different parts But double chin does not only happen to obese people, it is also caused by increasing age as well, such as the words 'getting old' which results in looking up to 6 years older.

Double chin and double chin can be treated with : 'Thermage FLX' Cheek tightening technology which uses radio frequency (Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency) to help reduce fat and tighten the chin to make the face have dimensions without surgery.

I know all 5 of the wrinkles. Do you have any wrinkles or areas of particular concern? You can ask for more information. And we will be just ourselves together 😉

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