Fotona Acne

Laser treatment for inflammatory acne problems There are many types of acne problems. The way to treat acne must be different.

Laser treatment for inflammatory acne problems 

There are many types of acne problems. The way to treat acne must be different. But if your distraction is Inflammatory acne problem 'Fotona Acne' is the right choice for treatment. because it is a laser used to treat inflammatory acne as well as reducing the chances of acne scars

working principle

Fotona Acne is a laser treatment for inflamed acne that will disappear within 1-2 days and see results faster than all methods of treating inflammatory acne. without side effects Because the laser destroys acne-causing germs and destroys overactive sebaceous glands. The laser works by warming the blood vessels under the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen within the skin. In addition, the laser also heats up the blood vessels in the inflamed acne area. and reduce inflammation of acne which makes the chance of scarring less

Types of inflamed acne

1) Inflamed acne Paple is slightly red.
2) Pustule inflamed acne with clear pus heads
3) Nodule / Cyst inflammatory acne or elephant head acne, cyst acne, which is the most severe. Because collagen is destroyed, it may turn into acne holes. You should see a doctor for urgent treatment.

There are 2 types of acne:

1. Inflammatory Acne is an acne that causes swelling and redness. and when pressed, it hurts
2. Non-inflammatory acne (Non-Inflammatory Acne) or clogged acne There are pimples without heads, pimples, rashes, pimples, etc.

The cause of inflammatory acne

'Inflammatory acne' is acne that develops from clogged acne. The causes of inflammatory acne include:
1) an infection
2) Cracked or leaking pore walls from squeezing acne
3) The wall of the follicle is ruptured from comedones that are too large for the pores to withstand the pressure.

treatment process

1. The staff cleans the face.
2. Doctors find laser treatment all over the face and acne problem areas. especially inflamed acne
The treatment takes about 30 minutes each time depending on the area.
3. The staff cleans the face.
4. Employees apply nourishing cream to patients.

results after treatment

 See the treatment results from the first time. And will see more obvious results after completing 6 treatments

 Acne can disappear within 1-2 days.

 In addition to treating inflammatory acne It also helps to get rid of pimples and soft hair on the face as well.


Additional instructions

1. Avoid laser treatment on eyebrows, eyelashes and hairline as it can burn the hairs. 

2. Should be treated 6 times in a row, 2 times a month.

3. In order to continuously improve the treatment results You should also take care of your skin, such as using skin care products and applying sunscreen to protect your skin.

4.Fotona Acne laser does not cause scars, less pain and does not need to avoid sunlight. 

5. After the treatment, makeup can be used and daily life can be normal.

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