Slim Body

get rid of excess fat shape up

get rid of excess fat shape up

 If you tried many ways Both diet and exercise Finally, obesity comes back. Slim Body can help by reducing fat and eliminating cellulite in specific areas.

'Slim Body' program helps shapeSlim, firm and solve the problem of cellulite. which is caused by the accumulation of fat under the skin layer

working principle

Slim Body is afat reduction tooA technique for pushing concentrated vitamin formulas into the fat layer at the point where you want to lose weight. which the drug will act to stimulate the cells (Mitochondria) increase fat burning. And help digest fat into energy for the body, accelerate the occurrence of 'Fat Metabolisim' and 'Detox' partially excreted from the body. Make the body revitalize and increase the firmness of the skin in proportion.

Effective fat removal area

• abdomen

 under arm
 Cheeks and double chin under the chin

results after treatment

• Reduce the size and number of fat cells

• firmer skin by driving waste and creating collagen

• increase fat burning

• Solve the problem of orange peel skin or cellulite that accumulates on the upper arms, thighs, abdomen and hips.

• Has a lifting effect 'Tightening Effect'

Additional recommendations

• Before treatment should stop taking 'NSAID' 'Aspirin' drugs. 'Vitamin E' Ginkgo because it will cause bruises. But if there is a bruise, it will disappear by itself in 7-10 days.

• If there is a slight redness, it will disappear in 1-3 days.

• No heat or cold compress needed.

• Do not massage or press on the treated area for 2 weeks.

• After treatment, normal activities such as showering, exercising, swimming, etc.

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Pongsak Clinic Line



Art Director with skin problems from loop work

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

I have an uneven face problem. An acquaintance suggested adding fillers. therefore consulted a doctor at Pongsak Clinic Then add filler around the face and jaw to balance the face shape and add Masculine Jawline after seeing the obvious change. After taking photos, I feel like I look more manly. I like it very much.
Smart business owner

Orawan Phancharoen (Jeab)

Worried about cheek problems, wattle and face not slender Consult with the doctor and recommend Therma FLX after the smile. The face is slimmer, the cheeks are reduced, the dewlap is gone, the face frame is clearer. Thermage is the answer for keeping wattle that is right for us.
Creative graphic designer

Thosaporn Durongmongkolmat (Jay)

At the age of 30+, the gravity causes the skin to sag. I like doing Ulthera and the skin is lifted up, the face frame is clear, life is good, it's really good to experience it yourself. After doing it, you will be more confident. Face is slender, skin is lifted and tightened.
Freelance actor

Bus Namthong Thanpraisan (Namthong)

With a career that has to be in front of the camera all the time therefore looking for various ways to recover the sagging skin until meeting Ulthera after feeling the change The skin is lifted up. confidently go out on camera again work love happy