Treat acne scars for smooth skin After acne is gone Many people may still encounter the problem of acne scars.

Treat acne scars for smooth skin

After acne is gone Many people may still encounter the problem of acne scars. which makes the surface uneven make up and have a hole Thus, 'Dermatrix' was invented, an innovative treatment for facial skin care to make deep acne holes more shallow. And also helps reduce wrinkles for you to reveal clear, smooth skin.

working principle

Dermatix works with Bipolar RF energy, a specific wave that emits energy to the area to be treated. by the nature of the heat generated as radiated energy Helps to heal deep acne holes without damaging the upper layer of the skin Makes facial skin firmer, lifts droopy eyebrows and contributes to the collagen stimulation process. After treatment, the skin will scab. which is the process of stimulating skin cells Change new skin. and eliminate deteriorating cells The body thus increases the production of new skin cells in greater quantities. to replace the old skin

When the flakes fall off, the skin will be smoother and clearer. Importantly, Dermatrix is suitable for all skin types. without side effects Do not create wounds and trauma to the skin. due to the energy transmitted in a pyramidal shape This causes less marks on the top surface and the skin recovers quickly. while the deeper layers of the skin undergo structural changes to keep the skin healthy.

Who is suitable for Dermatix treatment?

• acne scars
• The surface is not smooth.
• sagging skin
• droopy eyelids

Results after treatment

• shallow acne scars
• Wrinkles are reduced.
• Tighten facial skin.
• Smaller pores and smoother skin.
• slimmer face
• Raise droopy eyebrows to make eyes look bigger.
• Contributes to the process of collagen stimulation and new skin cell turnover.
• Clear and smooth skin.
• Dark spots, blemishes and freckles fade.

care after treatment

• After about 2 days of treatment, the skin may have flakes. Should apply a moisturizer to the skin and let the scabs fall off on their own for about 1 week to reveal clear and smooth skin.
• avoidsunshine for about 2 weeks
• If you have to face the sun, apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher.

Additional instructions

• Treatment should be continued 4-6 times every 3-4 weeks or as recommended by a doctor.

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