Hair Growth Factor

 Solve the problem of thinning hair and hair loss.

 Solve the problem of thinning hair and hair loss. 

In addition to skin and appearance Hair is another important part of a good-looking personality. But if there is a problem with baldness, thinning hair and hair loss which has solved the problem in many ways Either by taking medication Nourish hair roots with serum or surgery. The results are still not satisfactory. Introducing 'Hair Growth Factor', another solution to thinning hair and hair loss that works for both men and women.

What is Hair Growth Factor?

Hair Growth Factor is a treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. With a drug from natural extracts combined with a drug delivery technique into the skin layer around the problematic hair roots which the drug will help stimulate and restore the function of the hair roots as well as solving the problem of thinning hair, falling off both males and females

Hair Growth Factor Ingredients

• Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

• Insulin-line growth factor-l strengthens the hair.

• Vascular endothelial growth factor (vFGF) stimulates hair follicles to regenerate and thicken hair.

The cause of hair loss is caused by many reasons, including:

• increasing age
• heredity
• hormonal changes
• condition after childbirth
• In the period after recovery or major surgery
• extreme dieting to lose weight or lack of nutrients
• stress, environment, or use of drugs and chemicals
• Illnesses such as hyperthyroidism low thyroid function certain skin diseases ovarian cancer, etc., or taking certain drugs such as chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer

Characteristics of hair loss or thinning hair in men and women

• man : There will be a receding of the hair line from the front deep into the fork. and the symptoms will be more and more when age increases If the hair does not stop falling out, it will become bald.

• woman : different from men due to thinning hair or baldness only in the middle of the head

Pros of Hair Growth Factors

• Improves or stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system under the skin.

• Treatment for both females and males.

treatment process

1. The doctor diagnoses the cause of hair loss or thinning hair.
2. Clean the area that needs treatment.
3. Apply the anesthetic and leave it for 40 minutes. In some cases, use a cold compress as well.
4. The doctor performs the treatment. which takes about 20-30 minutes

results after treatment

• Stimulates new hair growth 

• Makes new hair grow stronger and not easy to fall off.

• Stimulate hair root growth and health

Advice after treatment

After treatment, patients may have side effects such as redness, soreness, and irritation for a while, so should refrain from washing their hair for at least 1 day. 

duration of treatment

• Treatment should be spaced once a week.

• Treatment should be continued every 2 weeks by continuing treatment for about 3 months or more, but results will be seen from the first month after treatment and after 3 months, the hair will grow again clearly.

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