Hair Grow Laser

hair stimulation laser

hair stimulation laser  

Hair loss and baldness causes anxiety and insecurity. which if hair loss by age is still tolerable But with some people, even at a young age, the hair gradually returns. Falling down until it's less. and before being stressed until hair loss than before Medicine has options to treat and increase hair volume with 'Hair Grow Laser' hair stimulation. To have thick and healthy hair.

“Hair Grow Laser treatment or low intensity laser light. Affects hair growth in patients with hair loss and thinning hair in both females and males.”

What is Hair Grow Laser and how it works

Hair Grow Laser is the use of low intensity laser light waves (LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy) is the use of red light. (Near-Infrared) in low strength, resulting in the production of Growth Factor that plays a role in stimulating hair follicles and hair shafts.

The device of the Hair Grow Laser is designed to look like a helmet. It is equipped with 21 diode lasers (LLLTs) and 30 LEDs, a high-quality combination of red laser and LED light to stimulate the hair and provide energy to the cells that cause hair growth. absorb and import the tissue according to the natural process of the hair roots can reach the hair root area makes the circulatory system work better Hair roots are therefore restored to reduce hair loss. It also stimulates the regeneration of hair. When treatment is continued for 16-24 weeks (the treatment results will begin from the 2nd week and the results will be significantly improved in the 8th week).

The Hair Grow Laser is also designed to have the effect of increasing hair volume throughout the entire head. Because it can distribute both laser and LED light evenly. Along with focusing on areas that are prone to hair loss in particular While the laser helmet also looks to match the shape and curvature of the scalp. Can be adjusted to fit the head up to 4 levels with a rotating weight distribution. To facilitate comfort during treatment and can be adjusted to fit the head. ensuring stable wear and deliver satisfactory treatment results

Benefits of Hair Grow Laser Treatment

 The treatment covers the entire scalp.

 convenient to use
 can treat patients from the age of about 16 years onwards
 Treatment of both male and female patients
 Helping hair transplantation with surgery to achieve better results.

Highlights of Hair Grow Laser treatment

During treatment patients can enjoy entertainment. By using headphones with iPod and MP3 to connect audio or music devices such as radio, television, PlayStation, etc.


Hair Grow Laser is FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) approved for satisfactory results in stimulating hair production.

preparation before treatment

Patients wash their hair before every treatment.

treatment process

Doctor or staff wearing laser helmet to patient The treatment takes about 25 minutes per session.

care after treatment

Should be treated with Hair Grow Laser 3-4 times a week (every other day), regular treatment will produce satisfactory results.


***Treatment results in each patient may vary.

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