A helper to make your face smooth and clear. Dark spots on the face such as blemishes and freckles are another reason why many people have to cover up.

A helper to make your face smooth and clear.

Dark spots on the face such as blemishes and freckles are another reason why many people have to cover up by shallow blemishes and freckles, using cosmetics can make them fade away. But if it's a deep scar, it won't fade, but 'Melasma' can help reduce freckles, blemishes and dark spots to fade away.

facial skin care withMelasmaHelps reduce the production of melanin 'Melamin', reduce freckles, dark spots. Make your skin smooth and clear byPush vitamins and nutrients to the skin. To treat blemishes, freckles, dark spots, acne, wrinkles, dullness reduce melanin pigment The face is smooth and clear.

The cause of melasma and freckles

 Sunlight is the main cause of melasma and freckles. Therefore, avoid exposure to sunlight between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, which is when UV rays from the sun hurt the skin the most.
• actionchanges in hormone levels Causes melanin production of the skin to work abnormally resulting in blemishes, freckles, such as during pregnancy. menopause taking birth control pills, etc.
• Skin color traits that are inherited.
• Allergies to perfumes or cosmetics cause marks like blemishes, freckles. 

Melasma and freckles usually occur on the face, neck and body.

Which can be divided into 2 types:
1.Shallow melasma and freckles Appearance is clear edge brown. at the epidermal level It can be cured by using melasma and sunscreen.
2.Melasma and deep freckles Appearance brown or black It is an abnormality at the dermis level. Difficult to treat and medication does not make the symptoms go away. 

results of treatment

• Melasma and freckles fade from the first time.
• tighten pores Pimples are gone and the skin is smooth and clear.
• Improved skin health, brighter skin
• Melasma, freckles, dark spots and wrinkles, dark circles fade away.
• Even skin tone.
• For effective results, treatment should be continued at least 4-6 times depending on individual problems and skin conditions.

self care after treatment

• Do not wash your face for 4-6 hours for the good effect of the drug.
• After 2 days of treatment, do not expose to strong sunlight. If going outdoors, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
• After treatment, there may be red spots. It depends on the skin condition of the individual and will gradually fade away in about 1 week.

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Art Director with skin problems from loop work

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

I have an uneven face problem. An acquaintance suggested adding fillers. therefore consulted a doctor at Pongsak Clinic Then add filler around the face and jaw to balance the face shape and add Masculine Jawline after seeing the obvious change. After taking photos, I feel like I look more manly. I like it very much.
Investors and Business Owners

Wittawat Charoenwat (Satang)

I have been taking care of myself, tightening my skin with Thermage since I was in my early 30s, now I'm close to number 4 and I still trust to do Thermage continuously. Because I'm impressed with the results. both tighten skin restore collagen and better skin health
Make up aritist and beauty guru

Silawiwat Chotchuangphat (Aus)

At this time, the age is approaching 40, the skin has changed. There are unevenness, there is a fall, sagging in many places, so we need to find a helper. I found Ultherapy, which made my facial skin look instantly lifted. Can wear makeup to go to work without surgery No need to recuperate at all.

Palita Panyadee (one)

Nueng's family has been a customer of Pongsak Clinic for more than 10 years. As a result, they are confident in the standard of the clinic. The doctor and staff choose to do Ultherapy here after doing the double chin reduction. The front frame is clearer.