Pure Toxin

Pure Toxin (German Bo) Bo for the new generation! light and natural


Pure Toxin (German Bo) Bo for the new generation! light and natural 

Tight face like this to fill the boma? It's a word that many people have heard. Because when adding bo in the old days, they often made their face stiff or showed very little emotion on their faces. Including people who use too much or too often may cause 'Bo resistance', the medical team invented 'Pure Toxin' (German Bo) or 'Bo for the new generation' to prevent resistance against Bo. It also provides results in reducing wrinkles naturally. Suitable for the new generation who, even though they fill the bow, can still show their facial expressions. Friends don't say that they go to add Bo. But they might say…what did you do to make your face look slimmer and look younger!

5 properties Pure Toxin (German Bo) Bo for the new generation 

1) Using extraction technology : 5 advanced steps from Merz Aesthetics make the drug high purity

2) The drug is a small molecule. : Give results on the specific area that needs treatment

3) Does not provoke resistance : make good results consistently can be used continuously for a long time

4) Feel Natural : The face is not stiff, the expression can be fully displayed.

5) Qualified : from FDA Thailand, USA and Europe

What is Pure Toxin? 

Pure Toxin is a skin care program Help reduce wrinkles. And adjust the face shape with Botulinum Toxin that has been invented and produced in Germany. high purity see full results low risk of resistanceLight and comfortable on the skin and looks natural. Really suitable for the new generation Because after using it, the face is not stiff. certified by international safety standards

Pure Toxin (Bo Germany) is Botulinum Toxin from Merz Aesthetics. 

made in germany Certified performance and safety It is registered in the United States and more than 20 countries around the world. including Thailand through research and development to obtain a unique identity It is a small molecule and pure toxin. Free from complexing proteins that may accumulate in the body

area suitable for treatment 

 forehead wrinkles

 wrinkles around the eyes

 Crow's feet and eye lines

 Wrinkles between the eyebrows and cheeks

 Adjust the shape of the face, slim and reduce the jaw.

The best feature of Pure Toxin (German Bo) 

Results Natural Feeling : Giving a natural feeling, not stiff, being yourself in a more confident way.

Treatment results of Pure Toxin 

 wrinkles fade

 look younger naturally

 smaller jaw size The face is slender.

 feel confident in who you are

Who is suitable for Pure Toxin treatment? 

 Suitable for women and men aged 20-35 years.

 have wrinkles on the face

 want to adjust the face

 want to fill the bow and look natural

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Pure Toxin treatment process 

1. The doctor evaluates the treatment.

2. Staff clean the skin for the patient.        

3. The doctor performs the treatment. It takes about 30 minutes.

4. The doctor finished the treatment. Staff cleaning the patient's skin

Before Pure Toxin Treatment 

– Stop taking NSAIDs, vitamin E, cod liver oil and ginkgo leaf extract for 1 week.

– 24 hours before treatment, refrain from alcoholic beverages

After Pure Toxin treatment 

– Results last for 6 months, can be treated regularly every 3-6 months

- No need to recuperate Small bumps may appear, but they will disappear within 1-2 hours.

- Refrain from lying down for 4 hours.

– Refrain from massaging, pressing, rubbing the treated area for 4-6 hours.

– Avoid doing hot procedures (laser) or sauna for 2 weeks.

– If there is a bruise or swelling, use ice to compress.

- Can apply makeup or use cosmetics

Additional instructions 

# German Bo is Botulinum Toxin is safe. By international research certifying that the use of # Bo German from Merz Aesthetics continuously for a long time Has a low chance of stubborn bo This ensures that it will reduce the risk of causing stubborn symptoms later.

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