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Solve uneven skin tone problems Those who have facial skin problems, whether it's freckles, blemishes or dark spots from acne.

Solve uneven skin tone problems

Those who have facial skin problems, whether it's freckles, blemishes or dark spots from acne. Problems can be solved with the technology 'Q-Switch Laser (ND-YAG)' that helps remove blemishes, freckles, solve black spots, red spots, acne scars at a deep level. and can be treated at the point where there is a problem ready to reveal smooth and clear skin

The problem of uneven skin surface due to abnormal functioning of the pigment. 'Melanin' (Melanin) There are freckles, blemishes, dark spots and red spots from acne. Uneven skin tone can be treated. 'Q-Switch Laser (ND-YAG)' that reduces pigmentation abnormalities Helps absorb and destroy superficial and deep skin pigments using lasers with wavelengths of 532 and 1064 nm, which helpReduce sunburn problems or the abnormality of the pigment only in the problem area to fade It also helpssmooth and clear face and stimulate collagen under the skin layer Makes skin smooth and soft to the touch

What is melanin pigment?

'Melanin' (Melanin) or 'skin pigment' has a duty to help prevent sunlight. And will be encouraged to increase the number of UV rays. If the melanin production process works too much or too little, there may be different skin color problems such as blemishes, freckles, dark spots, flecks, etc.

Other reasons for darker skin

• Taking birth control pills or some hormones.
• Chronic stress. which may cause dull skin
• Taking certain medications causes the skin to thin.
• Chemicals in cosmetics or perfumes cause allergies.
• Genetics or race can cause skin sensitivity to light.
• Some minerals increase the production of melanin such as copper, iron, zinc, etc.    

results after treatment

• Blemishes, freckles and dark spots on the face are reduced.
• Solve the problem of black spots and red spots from acne.
• Treatment of dark circles around the lips to fade.
• Remove eyebrow tattoos and other tattoos. The results depend on the shade and duration of each individual tattoo. The editable tattoos are black, brown and blue.
• Makes the skin clearer and the skin tone is smooth and uniform.
• Whiter skin since the first treatment. And will get clearer results after doing 5-6 times, depending on the individual's skin condition.

Self-care after Q-Switch Laser (ND-YAG) treatment

• After treatment, there may be a slight redness. But it will get better within 1-2 hours.
• Facial skin care with the Q-Switch Laser (ND-YAG) program. There are 2 types of treatment procedures, depending on the doctor's suitability. The finished treatment has flakes and the ones without flakes. If treated without scab After treatment, makeup can be done normally. But try to avoid sunlight for about 1 week and use sunscreen regularly. As for scab treatment, refrain from wearing makeup 24 hours after treatment and during the first 4-5 days, there may be scabs on the treated area. Also, do not peel or scratch the wound area. Let the scab fall off on its own. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the scabs to come off and reveal smooth and clear skin.

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Joy has been exercising hard for over 3 years, getting stronger and stronger. The shape is much firmer. But there is one point that can't go away, which is the lower belly, which is the stubborn fat that is the hardest to get rid of. One day I found out that Coolsculpting It is an innovation that helps get rid of stubborn fat that is difficult to get rid of in various parts of the body. Joy decided to do it immediately. And the lower belly that has been bothering me for many years has disappeared since the first month after the procedure. I feel very good.
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When I was 40+, I had a wattle. I consulted a friend who said that Ultherapy could help. I came to do the procedure at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it from the first time See results for firmer skin, convenient, cost-effective, long-lasting results So I do it every year.
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I am someone who has accumulated a lot of fat under the chin. consult a doctor to do Coolsculpting Get rid of fat, reduce the proportion at specific points directly. After almost a month, the fat has decreased a lot. Anyone who is interested in reducing fat in specific areas, please consult Pongsak Clinic.