'Glowing skin, clear, juicy, Korean style' from natural salmon DNA

'Glowing skin, clear, juicy, Korean style' from natural salmon DNA

Korea is outstanding in beauty care, including surgery, medical equipment. and skin cream Therefore, it is a destination for many people to fly to take care of themselves to be beautiful, handsome, and have good skin, so that everyone can take care of their skin with quality products from Korea. Pongsak Clinic, therefore, brings 'Rejuran', an innovation that helps brighten and glow skin in Korean style. Come for you to take care of your skin without having to go as far as Korea.

“ Rejuran has been launched and popular in Korea for over 7 years.
Rejuran currently has over 10 million boxes of users in more than 30 countries around the world.
Rejuran has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Korea (KFDA) and Thailand.

What is Rejuran?

Rejuran ( Rejuran ) is skin rejuvenation. Purified Polynucleotide (PN) is a fragment of DNA obtained from wild salmon in the natural seas of Korea. through experimentation clinical research Proven to be used in skin care to be compatible with the human body. because it is very close to human DNA as 98%

after replenishing rejuran It will increase fibroblasts (Fibroblast), which are cells responsible for creating collagen and elastin. It is very important for the skin to maintain moisture. rejuran skin booster is After filling, you can feel the result of glowing, clear, glowing skin, Korean style. along with taking care of the skin to be moist and glowing Increase elasticity for better quality skin naturally. Including solving age-related skin problems in one week such as wrinkles on the face and neck, scars, large pores, redness and dark circles. 

“ Rejuran helps 'glow, clear, juicy, Korean-style skin' in 7 days after filling.
with components of Pure Polynucleotide (PN)
from salmon in the natural sea 
Helps to nourish, restore and take care of the structure of the skin to be healthy from the inside.

from salmon in the natural sea of Korea go through the process Polynucleotide to Rejuran Helps the skin glow clear, juicy, Korean style.

Working principle of Rejuran

Rejuran contains components of fragments. Salmon DNA in the wild The production uses a patented technology known as DOT™  Rejuran treats the skin by filling it into the skin in the area that needs to be treated through medicine. Increases skin elasticity through biological processes of the dermis (Dermis) and epidermis (Epidermis). After filling, healthy skin results will be seen. Glowing, clear, lustrous skin 

“ Rejuran cares and balances the skin. 
Help to enhance beauty safely.
By enhancing the ability to revitalize your skin from the inside perfectly.

Who is Rejuran suitable for?

✅ Those who want to take better care of their skin, aged 20 years and over

Those who have wrinkles on the face and neck

✅ Those who have problems with bags under the eyes

People with allergies and problems with dark circles under the eyes

✅ People with thin or sensitive skin problems

People with inflammatory skin problems

✅ Those who have scars and want the scars to fade

People with large pores

✅ Those who have problems with redness and dark circles

Those who want to revitalize the skin to be bright

✅ People with dry skin that lacks moisture

Those who want to revitalize the skin

✅ Those looking for new innovations in skin care

People who want to take care of their skin to be glowing and healthy from the inside naturally

✅ Those who want to take care of themselves with quality products from Korea.

People who are looking for skin care innovations without surgery

rejuran healer review

Rejuran filling results

✅ Help restore dull skin problems and make your skin smooth and bright.

Stimulate the production of new collagen and important substances outside the cells.

✅ Restore the skin firmly, not so fragile that it is easily hurt.

Repairs skin from the inside and takes care of skin problems caused by aging.

✅ Increase the elasticity and brightness of the skin.

Balances moisture and sebum control of the skin.

✅ tighten pores to be smaller

Restore the dermis to be thicker and stronger.

✅ Reduce small wrinkles that appears on the skin to be smooth

Improves skin tone and skin structure

✅ Solve the problem of dullness of the skin. Makes the skin tone smoother and more consistent

Helps the skin absorb water better. Makes the skin look bright and glowing

✅ Skin is smoother and more detailed.

Strengthen the skin barrier   

✅ Glowing skin from the inside out

Areas suitable for Rejuran filling

✔ All over the face, including the forehead, middle of the face, nasolabial folds, around the lips, and around the face 

✔ Around the eyes, such as the head of the eyebrows, the tail of the eyes, under the eyes

✔ throat

✔ scars 

✔ back of hand

Fixed Rejuran refill effect

The addition of Rejuran saw the effect of changing the skin to glow. Juicy, Korean style. And the quality of the skin has improved since after 1 week of treatment, but the results and skin problems of each person will be different. It depends on the skin problem and the doctor's assessment. Normally, the skin will be restored with 2-4 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart, after that, replenish every 6 months to maintain good skin health.

Here are some things you can feel after adding Rejuran:

1st treatment : 3-5 days after treatment

  • Gold skin, clear, juicy, smoother.
  • The skin is moisturized and brighter.

2nd treatment : 2-4 days after treatment

  • Gold skin, clear, juicy, smoother.
  • tighten pores

3rd treatment : 4-6 days after treatment

  • Gold skin, clear, juicy, smoother.
  • Tighter and stronger skin

4th treatment : 6-8 days after treatment

  • Glow skin, clear, juicy, smoother. and the results cover skin problems in full efficiency

preparationbefore adding Rejuran

– Filling Rejuran through medicine using a small needle If the patient is afraid of pain, they may apply anesthetic or take painkillers before refilling.

– People who use NSAIDS should stop taking the drug at least 1 week before and after the procedure.

Rejuran filling process

1. The doctor evaluates the skin. treatment design The amount used for results matches your skin problem. and provide advice on treatment.

2. The staff cleans your skin for you.

3. Employees apply medicine with Pongsak Clinic's specific pain reduction techniques that are less painful. and wait for the anesthetic to take effect for about 1-2 hours

4. It's time for the staff to wipe the anesthetic and clean the skin.

5. The doctor performs the treatment. It takes about 30 minutes per CC depending on the treated area.

6. Complete treatment The staff cleans your skin for you.

Taking care of yourself after adding Rejuran

-After filling Rejuran, there may be swelling or small blister on the skin which occurs immediately after treatment and will disappear within 24 hours. 

- Do not touch, touch and do not touch the treated area with water for 24 hours. 

- Do not exercise for 24 hours after treatment.

- Do not expose to the sun and do outdoor activities for about 1 week.

- Do not do laser treatment after 1 week.

- Should avoid alcoholic beverages and refrain from smoking 1 week after treatment.

Additional Guides on Rejuran

- For best results, Rejuran should be added all over the face, should not be added to a specific point. 

-Rejuran is effective in treating skin that may not respond to treatment with Hyaluronic Acid or Toxin.

-Regular addition of Rejuran keeps the skin healthy.

-Rejuran can be used in conjunction with Filler filling, but filling different skin layers.

-If wanting to fill Rejuran and Filler, Filler should be added at least 1-2 weeks away from Rejuran.

- Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not add Rejuran.

Interested in glowing skin, clear, juicy, Korean style with Rejuran

Consult a doctor, evaluate your skin and design a free treatment. with promotional price

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