Sensible Glow

Reveal clear skin from rejuvenation to the cellular level. If you have problems with dull, weak skin and lack of brightness and smoothness

 Reveal clear skin from rejuvenation to the cellular level. 

If you have problems with dull, weak skin and lack of brightness and smoothness which is caused by lack of adequate skin care changing age and being attacked by the pollution encountered each day Despite trying to nourish the skin in various ways But the skin is still weak. 'Sensible Glow' is a treatment that combines 53 essential nutrients and vitamins for skin care. to serve and revitalize your skin back to strength ready to reveal clear skin with confidence

'Sensible Glow' skin care formula that combines nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the skin as much as 53 types. 

What is Sensible Glow and how does it work?

Sensible_Glow_ reveals clear skin_restores to the cellular level_pongsakclinic

Sensible Glow is a skin care formula that combines up to 53 essential nutrients and vitamins, including 9 vitamins, 14 peptides, 17 amino acids, coenzymes, antioxidants. and hyaluronic acid Which these components act directly to revitalize the skin deeply at the cellular level. Make your skin clear, smooth, detailed, strong, youthful from the inside out. along with helping to fight against free radicals that attack the skin and reduce shallow wrinkles Make your skin smoother.

7 results from skin care with Sensible Glow 

Sensible_Glow_ reveals clear skin_restores to the cellular level_pongsakclinic

 clear and smooth skin

 Restore and repair the skin to the cellular level.

 Help reduce shallow wrinkles. Stimulate collagen to make your skin healthy and look younger.

 pink face looks healthy

 Reduce dark circles and redness from acne.

 tighten pores to be smaller

 Treat acne holes to look more shallow. Fill the cheeks and under the eyes

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Suitable candidates for Sensible Glow treatment

 Suitable for those who want to revitalize and take care of their skin to be smooth, clear, strong, healthy looking.

self care after treatment

– When treated with Sensible Glow 2-3 times, you will feel the smoothness of the skin that is healthier.

Additional instructions

– can be treated with Sensible Glow regularly once a week

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Thanom Ketaem (Bak Nom)

Besides taking care of taxes, once in a while, I take care of myself. So I want to do something that produces good results. Meet Thermage for men with hair-like cheeks in terms of skin tightening. After making the face slender and firmer feel that the skin is tight Definitely come back again
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Choose to do Ultherapy SPT because it helps lift deep skin layers. so that the skin does not sag over time and the results last for years. The doctor also focused on a lot of problem areas, especially according to each person's problem. The results came out very well. You can see that the skin is tight and the face frame is clearer since the procedure.

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Nueng's family has been a customer of Pongsak Clinic for more than 10 years. As a result, they are confident in the standard of the clinic. The doctor and staff choose to do Ultherapy here after doing the double chin reduction. The front frame is clearer.
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I am someone who has accumulated a lot of fat under the chin. consult a doctor to do Coolsculpting Get rid of fat, reduce the proportion at specific points directly. After almost a month, the fat has decreased a lot. Anyone who is interested in reducing fat in specific areas, please consult Pongsak Clinic.