7D Therapy

Technology to treat the skin 7 ways. Facial skin is sagging, lack of firmness. Dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, large pores, redness and inflamed acne.

7 skin care technologies 

Facial skin is sagging, lack of firmness. Dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, large pores, redness and inflamed acne can be treated with '7D Therapy', a technology to treat the skin in 7 ways, while stimulating collagen and blood circulation for healthy skin.

What is 7D Therapy?

• 7D Therapy is a skin treatment. by pushing vitamins into the skin deeply Ready to help reduce wrinkles. Stimulate blood circulation, lift the skin and adjust the shape of the face. without needle

Working principle of 7D Therapy

• 7D Therapy 7D Therapy is a technology that consists of various innovations in skin care. In order to comprehensively solve skin problems, there are currently 6 treatment modes:
1) RF frequency – Help tighten the skin. reduce wrinkles and adjust the face shape
2) Push vitamins – Nourish the skin under the eyes and around the eyes.
3) Push vitamins – add oxygen to the skin and reduce small wrinkles
4) Push vitamins – Adjust the skin to be smoother. stimulate blood circulation
5) Cryo Cooling – Cold massage for the skin. Helps tighten pores to be smaller, reduce redness, inflamed acne, reduce allergic rashes, and stimulate collagen.
6) Vacuum – Lift and tighten your face with a vacuum.

Results of 7 treatments with 7D Therapy

1. Stimulate collagen
2. Firm facial skin wrinkles are reduced and a smaller face
3. The skin under the eyes and around the eyes are healthier.
4. smooth, soft, moisturized skin
5. Stimulate better blood circulation
6. Smaller pores
7. Redness, inflamed acne and allergic rashes are reduced.

treatment process

1. The doctor examines the skin.
2. The staff cleans the face and wipes the cosmetics for the patient.
3. The doctor treats the patient. It takes about 30-45 minutes while treating the patient to feel warm.
4. The doctor finished the treatment. Employees clean the patient's skin and apply nourishing cream.

preparation before treatment  

• Should refrain from sun exposure for about 1-2 weeks before treatment.
• Keep the skin in normal condition. Not dry, flaky or inflamed.

self care after treatment  

 Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher.
 Avoid sun exposure for 1-2 weeks after treatment.

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Young executives and investors

Rattanai Tiemmaka (Boy)

before doing thermage eye My eyes look a bit tired, look sleepy, after doing the eyes look brighter. The droopy eyelids are visibly lifted and tightened. People around me say that my eyes look less sleepy.
Hundred million young entrepreneurs

Keerati Panyawuthikrai (Want)

When I was 40+, I had a wattle. I consulted a friend who said that Ultherapy could help. I came to do the procedure at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it from the first time See results for firmer skin, convenient, cost-effective, long-lasting results So I do it every year.
Art Director who has skin problems from working in loops

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

Age 30+, I am most worried about sagging skin. Because using only skin care is not enough, I choose to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After the treatment, I feel younger, look better, the sagging face is lifted up. Tighter, smoother, more detailed skin. I got a lot of confidence back.
Make up aritist and beauty guru

Silawiwat Chotchuangphat (Aus)

At this time, the age is approaching 40, the skin has changed. There are unevenness, there is a fall, sagging in many places, so we need to find a helper. I found Ultherapy, which made my facial skin look instantly lifted. Can wear makeup to go to work without surgery No need to recuperate at all.