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Did you know? We've almost always neglected skin care. 90% has always been under the iceberg. ulthera face lift

I wonder, right? …that today the headline of the article came out saying Almost all of us neglect skin care. 90% What has always been under the iceberg?? and may cause many The objection stubbornly said thatnot true! I don't neglect skin care that much.Normally, apply a jar of cream that dissolves thousands and tens of thousands of baht to help nourish regularly. Whether it's facial skin under the eyes under the chin There is a clear separation cream. ordered from another country. face mask mask Sunscreen is not lacking. Useful vitamin supplements or which menu is good for the skin, can eat without fail Why would you go to sleep early? and also drink a lot of water exercise and no more stress Having done all this and still not taking care of your skin enough?? untrue!!!

I hope it's true!

If any of the above, you are already taking care of yourself with discipline. It's true to take care of your skin. And I have to compliment you as a person who has the discipline to take care of yourself one. But a lot of what you've been doing over the years may just be your 10% focus on skin care. which the skin is better only on the top layer of skin

For having healthy skin look younger than your age And solve the problem of sagging, not bright skin at the point from the inside to the outside Just taking care of the outer layer of skin is not enough becauseThe solution to sagging skin needs to go down to specific layers of the skin in order to maintain the youthfulness and firmness of the skin 90% under the iceberg for you.

to see a clearer picture Let's look at the skin layer structure related to sagging. It consists of 4 main skin layers:

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 1. The epidermis (Epidermis) is 0.7 mm deep. 

on the top floor Helps protect the skin from the external environment. When encountering pollution, it will cause dryness or superficial wrinkles. This layer of skin can be taken care of by applying a nourishing cream.

 10% of the upper skin can be taken care of with a nourishing cream. Most people tend to focus on taking care of only this layer of skin. 

 2. The dermis layer (Dermis) is 1.5 mm deep. 

Over time, wrinkles, deep grooves will appear on any cosmetics or nourishing creams. cannot go deep into this layer of skin

 3. Skin fat layer (Hypodermis) depth 3.0 mm. 

Determine the obesity and thinness of the body. When the age increases, the face shape or the face frame is not as sharp as before.

 4. The upper layer of the muscle layer (SMAS) is 4.5 mm deep. 

As you get older, your skin appears sagging under the gravity of the earth. which is the main cause of wrinkles, deep grooves, sagging skin If it was in the past, it would pull back this layer of skin to tighten. Requires facelift surgery only

 90% of all skin is often neglected, lack of care, even the most important for youth. 

At this point, readers probably already know that. There is still a layer of skin that you don't take care of or don't apply enough cream. Who says that almost all of us neglect skin care again 90% Under the iceberg, we have seen them foretell the truth. But even going up to the facelift surgery was too cruel. Why do I need to recuperate? really not ready

Don't worry. With the advancement of aesthetic medical technology Pongsak Clinic has introduced an innovation named Ultherapy or Ulthera is standard technology US-FDA from USA that uses specific ultrasound energy (Focused Ultrasound) comeHelps you take care of your skin deep down to the upper muscle layer or SMAS. Cover 90% under your neglected skin layer to make it firmer and look younger. Clear face frame, wattle disappear. Do Ulthera to lift your face, lift your face. No matter how many more photos you take, you won't be afraid.of course

What is Ulthera? / reference information  : ultherapy.com

Ulthera Review / Ulthera review

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Ulthera Review / New Ulthera 

Coolsculpting2020, Coolsculpting, cryotherapy, Coolsculptingreview, cryotherapy Pantip, Thermage2020, ThermageFLX, Thermagereview pantip, Ulthera2020, Ultherapy, Ultherapyreview pantip

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