secret face Why, even without wrinkles, but still 'looks old'? 

Let's solve the secret of the face. Why, even though there are no wrinkles, but still 'old' and ready to know? Ulthera is skin firming agent reduce old Make you look younger.

We both know that ' old age ' is inevitable. have to face everyone Therefore, different ways to take care of yourself to help prevent the aging of the skin in a variety of ways. Many people have succeeded. can reduce and anti wrinkle that can happen to the face But even without wrinkles, we still 'look old' still can't stop looking older. That's because of what!!! 

Pongsak Clinic invites you to unravel the secret of true aging. along with offering good help It is a way out of the aging of the face. Ulthera that delivers results tighten skin Reduce aging, make you look younger. 

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Why? Even without wrinkles, but still 'old'

that there are no wrinkles alone But can't stop looking older, that's because even though the face is smooth and free from wrinkles, but we all still get older from another reason, which is Volume or Aging 3D or Apex point which is the point of light of the face moving down 

by Aging 3D or the Apex points of the face downward. It is caused by the skin layer. SMAS ( Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System ), which is the layer that is important for lifting. Sagging from the gravity of the earth and increasing age. makes our skin that used to be firm and firm back agree While shadows and Aging 3D or Apex points of the face of aged and young looking people are different.

As an example in the picture

young peopleThe light and shadow face is an inverted triangle, which means the brightness, firmness and glow of the skin is located at the top of the face. indicative of youth 

part people who look old The shadow of the face will look like an upturned triangle. The weight of the incoming light piles mostly below the face. make the face look saggy front frame is not clear Or in some cases, the face frame seems to blend with the neck. which causes them to be seen as old or fat face, swollen, unfit

What is the solution to lift Aging 3D or Apex point?

>> The answer is Ulthera <<

For almost 10 years, Pongsak Clinic has imported medical equipment such as Ulthera that has the ability to help lift the skin deep down to the SMAS layer to help take care of the skin for customers. Ulthera is the solution to lift Aging 3D or spots. Apex gives you

The specialty of skin care with Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic clearly summarized In addition to choosing to use genuine equipment that has received US-FDA standards from the United States. Which is the country of origin of the Ulthera machine are these 5 items

Article 1 Expertise of the physician

from taking care of the skin for tens of thousands of customers Pongsak Clinic's doctors have expertise and experience in treating That has a specific technique for making Ulthera, allowing customers to see the fullest results in every line that is worthwhile.

Item 2 results are acceptable.

After Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic The results will be seen after the treatment and the results will be clear within 1 month. From the follow-up of the results of the customers, they are satisfied and tell their friends or loved ones. and come back to it on a regular basis, called ...Take good care like having a friend who is a doctor... According to the slogan of the clinic that “Your Friend Fessional in Skin Lifting”

Article 3 Confirmation Award

From the trust of many customers who choose to do Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic each year. Resulting in the company importing Ulthera machines in Thailand 1st prize, skin tightening clinic with Ulthera Continuing every year as a confirmation

Article 4 Always update the new version of the device.

about new innovations and modernity Pongsak Clinic pays attention and updates the new Ulthera as soon as a new one is released. so that customers always use modern tools

Article 5 Friends Price

Promotion is something that Pongsak Clinic values. By issuing worthwhile promotions for customers on a regular basis. And during festivals or special occasions, there are wow promotions or premium free gifts. As for regular customers, there are also special privileges. 

Ulthera 2023

Read up to here, there are many people who are interested in doing Ulthera, right??? 

For you to know Ulthera more, Pongsak Clinic has compiled information about Ulthera 2023 for you. Let's go read >>>

What is Ulthera?

Ulthera is or Ulthera or What is Ultherapy SPT? A helper to tighten the skin, reduce aging, slow down aging, make you look younger. using energy specific type of ultrasound wave ( Focused Ultrasound ) that turns into a longitudinal heat point deep in the skin in the upper musculature layer (SMAS) after Ulthera will help Lift and tighten, lift the eyebrows, lift the tails of the eyes, adjust the slender face shape, reduce the wattle, keep the face frame without surgery and do not need to recuperate 

In addition, Ulthera also helps to reduce sagging skin problems. and effectively adjust the face shape in a short period of time by giving results baby face younger than age Close to face lift surgery It is also safe and accurate. in releasing heat energy into the skin as well

the word part ' SPT ' is the latest lifting technique of Ulthera, which was invented to meet the needs of you. Comparison to show that the picture is original Ulthera It's like buying clothes that have S M L XL to choose from. Ultherapy SPT is like a dress or garment that has been measured and tailored specifically for you. Makes you wear it and fit you perfectly. making it look elegant and perfectly fit

What is the working principle of Ulthera?

Working principle of Ulther machinea It emits sound energy that is specific to the skin. which is converted into small point heat Penetrates deep under the skin to target the upper muscular layer (SMAS) seam, causing a contraction of 1 mm in size, similar to the subcutaneous suture in the SMAS layer.

with definite treatment results cause the formation of new tissues which will hold the collagen fibers that attach to the upper skin better as a result Gradually, the skin is tightened and lifted smoother from the inside out. The results will be seen after the treatment and the results will be fully apparent in 1-3 months and the results can last for 1-1.5 years (depending on individual skin characteristics). 

Who is Ulthera suitable for?

  • People over 25 years old
  • Looks aged from the weight on the face looks changed
  • droopy eyes
  • Sagging skin, not slender face 
  • Droopy cheeks, nasolabial folds
  • front frame is unclear Double chin or double chin
  • look tired poor skin health 

Ulthera Results

  • The skin is lifted up. firm face weight
  • perfect face baby face
  • raised eyelids
  • Cheeks that are lifted up
  • The front frame is clear and has dimensions that look natural.
  • Look brighter, overall skin health is better.

Ulthera review

Where is Ulthera?

Lifting and tightening facial skin deep down to the SMAS layer, giving you a younger-looking result. 

Choose to do Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic Done by a doctor who specializes in every case.

Confirmed with a lifting award for 5 consecutive years. Complete machines ready to serve at all branches. 


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