The latest machine, Ulthera spt, lifts the face perfectly.

this minute ifAsking which skin tightening machine is the best I would have to say that it is ulthera, but actually there is a new technique that has come out and is more effective than ulthera. Ulthera spt that lifting has similar properties But for new techniques, there are many advantages that many people may wonder what advantages there are. How is it different from the old version? Pongsak Clinic will take everyone to find the answer at the same time. can scroll and read

The latest technique Ulthera spt with special features

for machine Ulthera spt Classified as a face lift. that brings various technologies to enhance the face lift better than before And can adjust the level to suit each person's face very well as well If the list is given in terms, it can be summarized as follows:

1. Face lifting machine and able to solve wrinkles in real-time There is a SPT system that will help doctors assess treatment very well. By the system that will be able to see the skin layers of almost all of the face or is can see the problems of each person's skin

2. The doctor can assess the skin condition of the service recipient. This makes it possible to plan the treatment appropriately because of the skin problems on the face. It is something that needs to be paid attention and a correct treatment plan is required.

3. To lift the face as well. Ulthera spt will be able to lift and tighten the face at the point and solve the sagging problem perfectly therefore seeing better results than the previous version

4. Selection Ulthera spt is a security upgrade from its predecessor. because it can evaluate the condition of the skin or the skin layer before treatment

And this is the highlight of the machine. Ulthera spt that focuses on offering advantages that older models do not have But it's not that the old model is bad or the treatment is ineffective. because if servicing the old machine, it can be lifted and tightened as well But if you want to increase the efficiency of lifting better than before It is recommended to use the machine Ulthera spt new techniques are better

Where can Ulthera spt lift and tighten?

For anyone who knows enough about the machine Ulthera spt After some time, you may know which parts can be lifted and tightened. But if anyone still doesn't know which areas can be done Pongsak Clinic would like to explain as below.

Lift and tighten the face area.

What service providers come to use the service the most is to lift the faceThe machine will lift and tighten to various parts such as the cheeks, jaw, face frame, forehead and chin, all can be lifted. If you try to compare it to one side, do it. And the other side that has never been done will see the difference clearly.

Lift and tighten the eye area.

Lifting the eye area or solve the problem of drooping eyes Wrinkles around the eyes are something that needs special attention. because must see good results and has a high level of security which the machine Ulthera spt that is safe There are few side effects, so it can solve this problem effectively.

Lift and tighten the neck area.

Another point that is a problem for many people, such as dewlap or neck area It can be noticed that if there is sagging, it means that the person is already old. Lifting with Ultherapy can be done as well. It will make the skin firmer and look smoother.

Mainly all 3 items that have been introduced. It is the part that the service provider wants the doctor to help solve the problem the most. and of course the machine Ulthera spt can definitely solve these problems Importantly, it can also stimulate the creation of collagen. that makes the skin bounce smooth skin The skin looks younger too. So it's not surprising why people in this generation choose to lift their skin with ultherapy.

After reading the content that Pongsak Clinic has explained about the tools Ulthera spt that there is a difference with the previous version, how If you are looking for the latest model In order to effectively lift the face, the treatment can be designed to suit each individual's specific skin problems. Try to visit Pongsak Clinic. We have a face lifting service that results from the start and the results last for 1-1.5 years, ready to serve.

The design of the treatment depends on the physician's assessment and individual skin problems. If interested in lifting and tightening the skin as well Ulthera spt Can consult a doctor and evaluate the treatment for free! at Pongsak Clinic, every branch or via online channels

Pongsak Clinic provides skin tightening services with ultherapy machine, more than 2,000,000 lines, with more than 4,000 real users.

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