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The evolution of youth…let the vagina fit and tighten in each era

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symptom 'The vagina is not firm' or 'loose vagina' It has been a problem that has been associated with women for a long time since ancient times to the present. The vaginal tightening is caused by many reasons, such as natural childbirth or multiple births. And due to increasing age, various muscles Not as strong and firm as a young girl Therefore, there are various problems that follow, including poor sex life. which is one of the reasons why couples have to break up or have health problems such as urinary incontinence Urinary incontinence, etc. Since the past to the present, there has been a recruitment of ways to return the woman to the vagina back to fit and firm. To bring back smooth family relationships and better vaginal health. as these evolutions

ancient times

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the vagina was tightened by various methods such as The use of herbs (Herbal) such as the Indian recipe that uses 'Shatavaree' (Shatavaree) or 'sam hundred girls' used to increase the strength of the vaginal walls This herb has been mentioned in the Vedas for thousands of years. Later, according to Chinese texts, women had a technique for tightening the vagina with kimchi. to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles And it is a method invented by Dr.Arnold H. Kegel, an American gynecologist, in 1948 to treat urinary incontinence in female patients in the hospital. It's called 'Kegel Exercise' and yoga (Yoga). This is a science that originated thousands of years ago in India. Some yoga postures help stretch the contracted muscles around the uterus. Makes the blood pump better and the blood flows to the pelvic floor well. The uterus is therefore stronger.

old times

in this eravaginal tighteningdeveloped There are tonics and products produced. (Vaginal Tightening Creams and Gels) For solving the problem of uterine prolapse Helps the uterus enter the garage faster and to return the girl to the vagina which includes tablets, lozenges, and liquidsvagina tightening pills In addition, there isrepair surgery (Posterior Vaginal Repair) to correct the laxity of the vaginal wall to return to firmness But with this method, the patient must be in pain during the operation. And after treatment, it takes a long time to recuperate. In addition, the results obtained can only correct the laxity of the vaginal walls. but inside the vaginal cavity is still loose as before Although later, lasers were used in vaginal reconstruction surgery. But there are still limitations. Because it can only treat women with less vaginal slackness.

modern era

with the advancement in technology Nowadays, vaginal tightening has been invented that is more effective and effective than any method that has been done in the past. So called 'Young Vaginy' running the machine. THERMIVa which is a technology to maintain vaginal health It uses radio frequency or 'RF' (Radio Frequency) to stimulate contractions. create collagen and make the blood flow inside the vagina better Treating vaginal health with the 'Young Vaginy' program therefore answers the question of efficiency.maintain vaginal healthIt is the best because it can treat the vagina comprehensively. Both inside the vaginal cavity and outside the vagina to be fuller and firmer
with high security No pain during treatment no surgery The treatment process is not complicated. The treatment takes only 15-30 minutes and does not require recuperation. and see fast treatment results After the treatment, the vagina can be operated within 6 hours. It also helps to heal the health of the vagina as well. The 'Young Vaginy' program is therefore very suitable for women of all ages. Both postmenopausal women withdry vagina Burning or itching in the vaginal area Women who have undergone childbirth haveproblems with urinary incontinence urinary incontinence there is wind in the abdomen Including young women taking birth control pills or acne pills who have vaginal dryness can also be treated.

From many methods invented from the past to the present to solve the problemVagina to come back fit and firm. shows that vaginal problems are important that should not be overlooked and symptomsloose vaginaIt can be solved in various ways. As mentioned, therefore, if any woman encounters abnormalities in the vagina, the problem should not be kept hidden. Consult with a medical professional to find a way to get your vagina back to normal before the problem escalates and becomes difficult to heal.

However, the treatment design depends on the doctor's evaluation and individual skin problems. You can consult a doctor and evaluate the treatment for free! at Pongsak Clinic, every branch or via online channels

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