Magic E-Laser

Laser unwanted spots on the face, spots, moles, freckles and fleas. It's a trace that many people try to hide.

Laser unwanted spots on the face

 Moles, blemishes, freckles and fleas It's a trace that many people try to hide. But would it be better if those marks were reduced with the 'Magic E-Laser' program that can eliminate unwanted spots on the face and body?

Multiple moles and fleas on the body In addition to obscuring good looks It may also cause long-term disease, such as moles in some spots causing cancer. Therefore, if you want to reduce unwanted spots from your body. Skin laser innovation 'Magic E-Laser' can help reduce those weaknesses from the body.

Working Principle of Magic E-Laser

The Magic E-Laser works by using a 'Co2 Laser' as a tool that produces carbon dioxide light energy. A laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm transmits through the skin about 20-30 microns deep and can adjust the depth as appropriate. where the beam will cutAbnormal tissue, get rid of moles, fleas, and help treat freckles, enlarged sebaceous glands, stone acne, and clogged acne. This is a small incision and precisely cuts only the unwanted tissue without damaging the rest of the skin.

Healing properties of Magic E-Laser 

• Stone acne (Syringoma)
• Enlarged sebaceous glands (Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia)
• Seborrhiec Keratosis
• Moles (Nevus)
• Flies (Lentigene)
• Rice acne (Milia)


Advantages of Magic E-Laser Treatment

• Take less time to heal.
• Accurate resolution Destroys only the tissue that is irradiated only
• The wound edge is smooth and heals quickly. no scars

Recommendations after treatment

• Initially, the skin may become red and flaky. but can be relieved and healed by itself in 7-14 days
• Some people who treat moles or flecks may have new marks. which must be treated repeatedly due to deep roots
• If the healing wound has scabs, do not expose to the sun and scab off. because it will make the scar not smooth
• Take care not to get the wound exposed to water for about 24 hours and apply the anti-scratch ointment that the doctor gave until the end of 7 days. The wound will heal normally.


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Tharika Airarat (Ning)

Ning had surgery to remove fat under the cheeks. but felt that the cheeks did not tighten back up causing problems with hanging cheeks Facial skin is not firm, sagging, wrinkles begin to appear on the forehead. and there is an obvious ditch Ning is interested in doing Thermage. Which has studied the information that is suitable for the problems that exist therefore came to consult with the doctor at Pongsak Clinic done and good results The skin has tightened since after the treatment and solved the problem at the point where it was there. Thank you.
Young executives and investors

Rattanai Tiemmaka (Boy)

Firm skin, I can take care of it. I have done Therma more than 3 times. My skin is firmer, my cheeks are reduced, my face is slimmer and I look younger.
Beauty blogger from Take me out

Keetnattha Lertthanatuchirang (Phueng)

Choose to do Ultherapy to tighten the skin because the appearance of the skin is important. A better-looking personality boosts confidence. and can continue to do other things Like now that I'm a blogger, I have extra income and have more activities. Bee therefore chooses to do Ulthera to take care of the skin.
Freelance actor

Bus Namthong Thanpraisan (Namthong)

With a career that has to be in front of the camera all the time therefore looking for various ways to recover the sagging skin until meeting Ulthera after feeling the change The skin is lifted up. confidently go out on camera again work love happy