X Beauty

New beauty innovation! Slender face, graceful shoulders, lofty neck, just the way you are.


New beauty innovation!
Slender face, graceful shoulders, lofty neck, just the way you are.

subject 'confidence' For modern women, it's important whether it's the face, neck or shoulders. If not graceful enough. No matter how beautifully dressed and put on makeup, the confidence will not arise. but with beauty innovation “X Beauty” or "Bo German", which is a new form of beauty care It will help adjust your look to make you look good and have confidence in dressing with clothes that reveal more of your neck and shoulders. Including taking selfies of yourself in the near distance still looks good, no drop

X Beauty Another step of beauty innovation
• Help adjust the shape of the face to be slender and firm.
• Clear front frame.
• The neck is smaller and looks long.
• Younger looking face.
for women to have confidence in who they are

X Beauty What is it and how it works

X Beauty is a beauty care that uses a special facial contouring technique “X” To create an X-shaped beauty with Botulinum Toxin from Germany or known as “German Bo” This special X-shaped facial contouring technique was developed by a specialist in specific facial contouring technique that has been proven to be safe and without side effects. Through FDA certification from the United States.

area treated with X Beauty

Positions that receive X Beauty care in 3 areas:
X Beauty 1 – face frame
X Beauty 2 – front and behind the ear
X Beauty 3 – neck to shoulder

The results of treatment X Beauty

smaller jaw size

The face is slender and the face frame is clearer.

His neck slender and slender.

Sloping shoulders and looking more elegant

After 80% treatment, I felt more confident when I gathered my hair to open my face. and take close-up photos or selfies 

The skin is brighter and looks younger by about 3 years***

The results will be seen after 20% treatment and will see clearer results after 7 days. The results will last for 4-6 months***

*** Results may vary depending on individual skin condition, age and environmental factors.

Who is suitable for treatment X Beauty

Those whose face is not slender or have a big face

front frame is unclear

The neck looks clogged or disproportionate to the shape of the face.

wearing clothes that reveal shoulders that are not elegant

Feeling insecure when taking close-ups or selfies

treatment process

1. The doctor examines the skin and evaluates the treatment.
2. Staff clean the skin for the patient and apply anesthetic for about 30 minutes.
3. The doctor performs the treatment. It takes about 30-45 minutes.
4. The doctor finished the treatment. Employees clean the patient's skin and make nourishing cream.

Self care before treatment

– 1 week before treatment, stop taking NSAIDs, vitamin E, cod liver oil and ginkgo leaf extract.

– 24 hours before treatment, refrain from alcoholic beverages

– If there is a history of herpes on the lips You should inform your doctor before treatment.

self care after treatment

– Immediately after treatment, the patient will feel tired. shoulder area for about 1 day, after which the symptoms will disappear by themselves

– If there is a bruise or redness, an ice pack can be applied.

- Refrain from lying down for 4 hours.

– Able to make up or use cosmetics

– Avoid massaging or pressing the treated area for 2-3 days.

- Abstain from alcoholic beverages for 2-3 days

– No sauna for 2 weeks.

– 2 weeks after treatment The procedure or treatment should seek advice from a doctor.

Additional instructions

Nowadays, the popularity of Botulinum Toxin for beauty continues to increase. But at the same time, there are many people who develop drug resistance. It may be because they use the drug too often or find a counterfeit drug. causing undesirable side effects therefore invented # German Bo, which is Botulinum ToxinBe confident in safety because from international research that certifies that the use of # German Bo from Merz Aesthetics continuously for a long time There is a low chance of resistance to toxin or resistance to bo. This ensures that it will reduce the risk of causing stubborn symptoms later.

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Pongsak Clinic Line


Art Director with skin problems from loop work

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

I have an uneven face problem. An acquaintance suggested adding fillers. therefore consulted a doctor at Pongsak Clinic Then add filler around the face and jaw to balance the face shape and add Masculine Jawline after seeing the obvious change. After taking photos, I feel like I look more manly. I like it very much.
The bride prepares before the wedding.

Natnicha Akaradamrongdet (Poi)

Poi is getting married On an important day, I want to take the most beautiful photos. to keep memories of the special days of life But there is concern about the front frame is not clear When you smile, your face blooms wattle under the chin Consult with the doctor and choose to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After the treatment, I am satisfied with the results, the front frame is clear, the dewlap is reduced, and I feel more confident.

Chanakarn Ruangnarong (Fon)

Fon has rather large cheeks and as she grows older, her skin sags. Previously, I came to do Therma CPT when I had Therma FLX, the latest skin tightening innovation. The rain came back to do Thermage again. feel that the results are better than before, firm cheeks, smaller face, healthier skin that everyone They say they look younger and more beautiful.
female executive

Real diamond Yusakul (Pum)

I've never done Ulthera before. But open his mind from the recommendation of a friend who is a dermatologist, invited to do Ultherapy because it helps to solve the sagging problem. and actually look younger After seeing results I fell in love with Ulthera.