Thermage CPT

Tighten the skin for a dimensional face. 

Tighten the skin for a dimensional face. 

'Thermage CPT' is a technology to help lift deep skin layers and build collagen and elastin. Makes the skin elastic, smooth and firm.

What is THERMAGE CPT and how does it work?

Innovation for wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, face lifting, face shape adjustment, cheek reduction, wattle reduction, and sagging skin problems. To come back to be tight, firm, smooth without surgery, which Thermage or Thermage CPT Has been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) to bring 'Monopolar Capacitive Radio frequency' (RF) radio frequency to send energy into the 'Dermis' layer and subcutaneous fat layer.


Solve the problem of sagging collagen fibers, tightening the structure under the skin. and stimulate the creation of more collagen It also helps to make your skin healthy.Lift and tighten the face. Adjust the shape of the face to be slender and firm continuously. It also reduces sagging. reduce wrinkles and restore the skin to be smooth and beautiful which can treat all skin types The results of Thermage CPT treatment only once can last for 1-2 years (depending on skin health care). characteristics and age of each person)

by Pongsak Clinic brings the latest innovation of the machine Thermage CPT Total Tips ***orange head*** and Thermage FLX ***purple head*** that reduces pain And increase the efficiency of work used in the treatment and care of the skin.

Working principle of THERMAGE CPT

It transmits heat down to the deep layers of the skin. causing the contraction of the subcutaneous fat layer The skin is firm and firm and looks younger.

Areas suitable for THERMAGE CPT treatment

besides the areaface Thermage CPT can also be done in a variety of areas on the face and body such as the eyelids. Wrinkles around lips, cheeks, neck, upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks Etc. with results from the first treatment andObvious results after 2 months and getting better and better. Until seeing the maximum results in a period of 3-6 months

THERMAGE CPT Treatment Procedure

Convenient, doesn't take long and little pain It also doesn't cause any marks or wounds. and can return to normal life immediately after treatment

Side effects of THERMAGE CPT

Side effects were very rare with Thermage CPT, with only 1% experiencing side effects. After treatment, the face may be slightly red and swollen. which will subside within 2 hours or a slight rash in the treated area and disappear within 1-2 weeks

Suitable candidates for THERMAGE CPT therapy

1. Those who wanttighten and adjust the shape of the face to be more slender Want to reduce skin sagging Solve the problem of orange peel skin from cellulite in the areaUpper arms, thighs and buttocks
2. People after childbirth and after losing weight People who are about 35-60 years old, but age is not the main factor in doing Thermage CPT depending on the problem of each person how much including skin condition before treatment

canGet advice and information from a doctor about Thermage CPT treatment before treatment at any branch of Pongsak Clinic.

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Art Director with skin problems from loop work

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

I have an uneven face problem. An acquaintance suggested adding fillers. therefore consulted a doctor at Pongsak Clinic Then add filler around the face and jaw to balance the face shape and add Masculine Jawline after seeing the obvious change. After taking photos, I feel like I look more manly. I like it very much.
Online Marketing Executive

Waranya Kongdamnern (June)

June is an exerciser. But the fat accumulated on the abdomen is still there. Tried several ways, still no results. after getting acquainted with Coolsculpting that reduces the proportion cold fat removal I'm interested and try to do it. I like it because I see the change. Abdominal decreasing since the first week after the procedure and gradually decreasing until the full results are seen in 1-3 months
Investors and Business Owners

Wittawat Charoenwat (Satang)

I have been taking care of myself, tightening my skin with Thermage since I was in my early 30s, now I'm close to number 4 and I still trust to do Thermage continuously. Because I'm impressed with the results. both tighten skin restore collagen and better skin health
Beauty blogger/youtuber

Kesinee Pincharoen (Florence)

When I get older Problems with sagging skin, wattle, and unclear facial contours The solution that the doctor recommends is to do Ultherapy after doing it. Looking in the mirror and looking at the skin, I can feel that the skin is firmer, the face frame is clearer, and the double chin has decreased since the procedure. Plus, it doesn't take long to do and can continue to work. I'm very satisfied.