Adjust the shape of the face and fill the skin to be plump.

Adjust the shape of the face and fill the skin to be plump.

 Fill the deep groove with 'Filling substance' or filler to help replace the collagen under the skin that is lost due to increasing age. Ready to return the brightness to the skin, moisturize, adjust the shape of the face and take care of the skin to look plump. 

in the field of beauty 'Filling substance' or 'Dermal Filler' or 'Filler' Help fill the deep trenches to be more shallow. and tighten the face to look radiant For the good efficacy of the treatment, fillers are also used to maintain beauty together with Botulinum toxin fillers and Botulinum toxin Therefore, it is like a gifted partner in the beauty industry.

The original filler was 'Hyaluronic Acid' or HA is a natural substance that exists within various cells of the body such as skin, joints and eyeballs, with the ability to help absorb water. increase the volume of the skin make the skin plump But with increasing age, the amount of HA within the body decreases the amount of production. But at the same time, it will deteriorate rapidly and in greater quantities. Makes the skin not as firm as in adolescents or young adults In nature, HA is in liquid form or 'Free HA' that the body creates and then decomposes within 1-2 days by enzymes and reactions in the body. Therefore, a method was invented to make HA last longer in the form of 'Filling substance'.

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Distinctive properties of fillers

Against the aging mechanism of the skin reduce sagging as well as helping to tighten customize face shape and replenishes the sagging parts of the skin due to increasing age Which filler is suitable forTreatment of wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, the back of the hands, filling the cheeks, under the eyes and chin to create a shape

Additives are divided into 3 main groups:

 temporary filler (Temporary Filler) is a type thatCompletely disintegrated, no residue left. and is the only filler that is properly certified in Thailand
 semi-permanent fillers (Semi-Permanent) contributesMix both compostable and non-compostable types. In Thailand, it has not yet been certified.
 permanent filler (Permanent) when introduced into the bodyincapable of breaking away If it is removed, it must be surgically applied. and has not yet been certified

Advantages of fillers

 Less pain, no need to prepare like surgery
 after treatmentno recovery
 See the results of 20% after treatment on the first day. And the results will continue to improve in 3-6 months.
 The gel texture of fillers has properties that help lift and tighten the face to look more dimensional.
 No danger of residue because of the fillerable to dissolve by itselfover time

results after treatment

 fill the trenches Ready to solve the problem, adjust the face shape to be full and smooth
 Fix and fill in defects around the cheeks, under the eyes, between the eyebrows, temples, etc.
 Fill scars and acne scars.
 Fill the lips to look fuller and apply lipstick more beautiful. 

Things to do after treatment

 Avoid massaging or pressing the treated area for 2-3 days.
 Abstain from alcoholic beverages for 2-3 days.
 Avoid the sun and UV rays by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF50 or higher.
 Should not be in a very hot place such as a facial sauna or in a very cold place such as skiing
 During 2 weeks after treatment The procedure or treatment should seek advice from a doctor.

Additional recommendations

 Do not believe the hype that fillers last very long while being cheap. because there is a risk that it may not be a real filler
 choose serviceTrusted beauty place And has been duly certified by the Ministry of Public Health.
 browse drug labels trademark And certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on filler products before every use
 The use of fillers must only be performed by a physician who specializes in facial anatomy. for worry-free safety

The good efficacy of fillers in beauty preservation is one of the key elements. But to make the results that come out to the patient to be effective as desired Requires the experience and expertise of the physician as well. to change the drug into a good look to the skin

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