educational record

Faculty of Medicine Prince of Songkhla University


  • Trained and is a specialist in Ultherapy SPT 
  • Trained and is a specialist in Thermage CPT, FLX 
  • Trained and is a specialist in HIFU
  • Trained and is a specialist in Botulinum Toxin 
  • Trained and is a specialist in Filler face shape adjustment


  • Ultherapy SPT
  • Thermage FLX
  • HIFU
  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Filler

work experience

Aesthetic Skill for 10 Years


Talented young business owner

Natthamon Korsawatvorakul (Nan)

Nan always lifted her face with Thermage. After having a head to tighten the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, I decided to do it. because of eyelid problems Make your skin firm eyes look bigger Confidence in lifting and tightening at Pongsak Clinic
Young executives and investors

Rattanai Tiemmaka (Boy)

before doing thermage eye My eyes look a bit tired, look sleepy, after doing the eyes look brighter. The droopy eyelids are visibly lifted and tightened. People around me say that my eyes look less sleepy.
Hundred million young entrepreneurs

Keerati Panyawuthikrai (Want)

When I was 40+, I had a wattle. I consulted a friend who said that Ultherapy could help. I came to do the procedure at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it from the first time See results for firmer skin, convenient, cost-effective, long-lasting results So I do it every year.
Art Director who has skin problems from working in loops

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

Age 30+, I am most worried about sagging skin. Because using only skin care is not enough, I choose to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After the treatment, I feel younger, look better, the sagging face is lifted up. Tighter, smoother, more detailed skin. I got a lot of confidence back.