Cell Toning Laser

The laser spreads the pigment, revealing clear skin in 5 modes, the power to solve skin problems directly.

The laser blends the pigment to reveal clear skin. 

Cell Toning Laser
The laser blends the pigment to reveal clear skin.

5 power modes to solve skin problems directly

• Clear skin • Smooth skin • Tightens pores
• Spread the skin pigment regularly. • Treatment of inflammatory acne.

What is Cell Toning Laser?

What is Cell Toning Laser? An innovative laser that has the ability to reduce dark spots and reveal smooth and clear skin. Ready to destroy the pigment in Microsecond level (Cellac) With multiple wavelengths of energy waves, it can destroy specific pigments. And deliver results to solve all 5 skin problems precisely on point  

Working Principle of Cell Toning Laser

Cell Toning Laser It is a high-energy light wave that can modulate energy. 5 skin solution modes namely

Mode 1 – Pore Facial (tightens pores)
Suitable for: people with large pores uneven skin dull face
Result: clear and smooth skin tone tighten pores

Mode 2 – Cell Toning (adjustment of skin pigmentation)
Suitable for: people with uneven skin pigmentation, blemishes, freckles, sun problems
Result: revitalizes the skin. Adjust skin tone evenly. tighten pores Skin looks younger and reduces wrinkles.

Mode 3 – Acne Clear and Protect (disinfect acne)
Suitable for: those who have inflamed acne problems, elephant head acne, pus-headed acne, and after pressing the acne.
Result : Reduce acne inflammation and reduce the recurrence of acne.

Mode 4 Photo Shower Rejuvenation (Smooth the skin)
Suitable for: People with enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.
Result: Smoothes out the skin. Stimulate collagen and adjust the skin to be smooth and clear.

Mode 5 – Photo Shower Acne (disinfect acne)
Suitable for: those who have problems with inflamed acne, redness and after pressing the acne.
Result : Kills bacteria that cause inflammatory acne. 

Pongsak Clinic Line

Just type the word
*** CTL***
with name and phone number

Highlights of Cell Toning Laser

Treatment results with Cell Toning Laser

– Tighten pores and smoother skin
– smoother skin tone
– Melasma and freckles are reduced
– Redness and black marks from acne fade.
- Smoother skin
– Reduce acne inflammation and bacteria that cause acne inflammation


Pongsak Clinic Line

Just type the word
*** CTL***
with name and phone number

Treatment process of Cell Toning Laser

1. The staff cleans the skin for the patient.
2. The staff wears dark glasses for the patient to protect the laser light.
3. Start laser treatment. by applying cool gel all over the face and firing a laser It takes about 15-30 minutes (depending on the treated area and skin problems).
4. After the treatment is completed The last step, the staff cleans the skin, applies nourishing cream and sunscreen to the patient.

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preparation before treatment 

Avoid exposure to strong sunlight for about 1 week before treatment.

self care after treatment 

1. Some patients may have redness for about 1-2 hours (depending on individual skin condition) and then disappear on their own. If you want the redness to disappear faster Patients can use a skin cream containing aloe vera or aloe vera. which has the ability to help heal the skin
2. Some patients' skin may become dry and flaky. (depending on the skin condition of the individual), the symptoms will disappear after 3-5 days
3. Try to avoid sunlight and apply sunscreen with SPF50 or higher.

Additional instructions 

In the beginning, treatment should be continued every 1-2 weeks, depending on the doctor's assessment and individual skin problems. But should continue treatment at least 5 times for clear treatment results and when you see results Should be treated regularly every 1 month to maintain the condition of the skin.


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