How much does EMFACE cost?

EMFACE lifts and tightens facial skin deep down to the muscle layer.

The first innovation of facial muscle firming, revitalizes the skin, lifts and brightens the skin, making it beautiful on all skin layers.

The first innovation of facial muscle firming, revitalizes the skin, lifts and brightens the skin, making it beautiful on all skin layers.



Did you know? As the age increases, it's not just the outer skin that shows signs of aging. But your skin changes and deteriorates every time. skin layer from the inner layer make it look old and to maintain youthfulness from within The doctor therefore invented the EMFACE machine, an innovation that tightens and tightens the facial muscles to be stronger. Which has never been an innovation that can lift the skin deep into the muscle layer before. In addition, EMFACE helps all skin layers to be lifted and healthier. 

Firm facial muscles, revitalize the skin, lift and brighten the skin, beautiful in all skin layers, choose EMFACE, the latest machine at Pongsak Clinic. Made by a doctor in every case 

EMFACE Treatment

EMFACE, innovation for facial lifting

slow down the aging process add volume to the face

Stimulate and lift the skin deep to the muscle layer or Muscle Tone to be more dense

which has never been done by any tool before

using two powers Sync RF and HIFES concurrent treatment

After doing 4 times, the face is lifted up. natural smooth skin

Results last up to 16 months.


What is EMFACE?

EMFACE is The latest skin tightening tool The first revolution in the facial treatment industry. that helps lift and tighten the skin deep down to the muscle layer which has never been done by any innovation before by the EMFACE device that Pongsak Clinic selects to take care of you Imported from BTL Aesthetics ( emface btl ) USA The world's leading company in innovation in the beauty and health field, whose EMFACE machine has received US-FDA standards for safe, needle-free, non-surgical treatment. no scar and do not need to recuperate Suitable for those who have sagging skin, look older, want to naturally lift and tighten the skin from the inner layers. 

Treatment with an EMFACE machine helps to firm, revitalize and revitalize the facial skin.

At Pongsak Clinic, every case is treated by a doctor.

because it requires the expertise of a physician

To maintain the right point on the muscle layer of each individual

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NEW EMFACE! Innovation for facial lifting The first time deep into the muscle layer.

Working principle EMFACE machine ?

Working principle of the EMFACE machine is the first tool to firm the face in the muscle layer. 2 in 1 skin care with two types of energy emitted simultaneously in one applicator, both Sync RF and HIFES Technology designed to firm the skin especially Resulting in the firming of the facial skin in the muscle layer or Muscle Tone to be more dense. Stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin 

The energy emission characteristics of the EMFACE machine are small and precise, specific to the facial muscles. The result is The skin is lifted and firmed up. Wrinkles are naturally reduced. smooth skin Increase the level of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. It takes only 20 minutes to treat the entire face and the results after 4 treatments can last up to 16 months.

The surface layer treated by EMFACE

There are 5 main skin layers in humans: the first layer - the epidermis, the second layer - the dermis (dermis), the third layer - the fat layer. (Subcutaneous Fat), the fourth layer - tissue layer (SMAS) and the fifth layer - the innermost layer is Muscle layer which the EMFACE machine performs specific treatment on the muscle layer. It is the deepest layer of the face and is the foundation of all 4 layers of skin on top of which the muscle layer has never been able to treat this deep layer before.

But in addition to the EMFACE machine, it can firm, revitalize and revitalize the facial skin. When the innermost muscle layer that is specifically treated by the EMFACE machine is strengthened It will help promote by-products on the upper layer of the skin such as the SMAS layer, the fat layer, the dermis layer and the outer skin layer. Stronger, firmer and healthier in every layer of the skin. 

Who is EMFACE suitable for? 

EMFACE is suitable for 3 age groups that have different skin problems and sagging as follows: 

younger than 35 years old 

  • ✓ start to wrinkle 
  • ✓ Cheek lines begin to appear 
  • ✓ The facial structure begins to change 
  • ✓ The front frame is blurry

35-55 years old 

  • ✓ Very wrinkled 
  • ✓ Cheek lines become more visible 
  • ✓ Cheek bulbs 
  • ✓ The corners of the eyes begin to fall
  • ✓ The facial structure changes clearly 
  • ✓ with dewlap 

over 55 years old

  • ✓ Facial skin is very sagging 
  • ✓ Very wrinkled 
  • ✓ Deep nasolabial folds 
  • ✓ clear cheekbones 
  • ✓ droopy eyelids
  • ✓ The facial structure changes clearly 
  • ✓ with dewlap


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Q & A Know about firming facial muscles with EMFACE in 40 seconds.

Emface Before and After

Results after EMFACE

  • ✅ Skin is lifted and tightened the face to the neck
  • ✅ Reduce wrinkles
  • ✅ Smooth forehead
  • ✅ The facial frame is noticeably clearer.
  • ✅ Reduced cheekbones 
  • ✅ Stimulate collagen and elastin healthier skin

9 results after 4 or more EMFACE treatments

37% wrinkles are reduced

23% lifting skin

30% Increase the firmness of facial muscles

19% increase muscle density

2X add elastin

26% add collagen

25% smooth skin

90% of real users are satisfied

16 The results lasted a month.


9 Clinical Case Studies

20 Specialist in auditing

7 Mechanism standards for assessing outcomes after treatment

3000+ research case

Area suitable for EMFACE

  • ✅ all over the face
  • ✅ forehead
  • ✅ eyebrows
  • ✅ Cheeks
  • ✅ front frame

Preparation before EMFACE

  • There must be no scars on the treated area. If there is, it should be cured first.
  • Do not take acne treatment medication about 2 weeks before treatment.
  • after laser skin peeling laser or perform procedures that cause scarring on the skin Should wait for the wound to heal about 2 weeks before

EMFACE process

  1. The doctor evaluates the skin and designs the treatment. to get results that match your skin problems 
  2. The staff cleans your skin for you. 
  3. doctor doing treatment It takes about 20-30 minutes to treat all over the face (when doing it, the patient will feel warm. and there is a jerk of the tool around the treatment area without pain and without having to apply anesthetic before doing it)
  4. after treatment The staff cleans your skin and puts on your skin care products.


  • EMFACE is performed safely by doctors and skilled personnel in every step of the procedure. You can use your daily life or make up as usual after the procedure. without recuperation
  • In some cases, redness from the applicator may occur, but will disappear within 30 minutes - 1 hour. If you are concerned, you can consult a doctor or staff immediately.

Retaining EMFACE results

  • After EMFACE treatment, the results will be seen since approximately 10-20%, especially around the face frame and the skin quality will feel the change first, for example, the skin becomes fuller, the face frame becomes clearer and tighter. Which will see full results in 3-4 months.
  • For best results with EMFACE, it is recommended to perform 4 or more sessions, spaced 1 week apart (the number of sessions depends on the physician's assessment and the patient's desired results).
  • The results after doing EMFACE 4 times will last for about 16 months (depending on self-care and individual skin condition).
  • Some people may experience redness, dry skin or headaches after the procedure. which will disappear by itself Or if you have concerns, you should consult a doctor or staff member immediately.

Additional instructions

  • Doing EMFACE is scientifically proven to be safe and meets international standards.
  • EMFACE should be performed before other skin layers because EMFACE will help tighten the innermost muscle layer before helping to support other skin layers.
  • EMFACE is also suitable for people who have resistance to Toxin or add Toxin and see no results. Or those who want to reduce the amount of Bo or Filler is not too much.
  • Women who are pregnant or are in the process of becoming pregnant should not take EMFACE.
  • People wearing pacemakers of any type should not perform EMFACE.
  • People who wear iron on the face should not do EMFACE or if wearing iron on other parts of the body should consult a doctor before doing it.

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Asian actor

Jonni Hao

I have heard from many people around me that doing Ultherapy has good results. Now getting older It's time to do some Ulthera. I chose to do it at Pongsak Clinic. The doctor did a great job. Where the skin is sagging, take special care. After making the skin firmer, I'm impressed.
business owner

Prema Thipaksorn (Thip)

Choose Ulthera at Pongsak Clinic Because my friend did it and wowed me a lot. After doing it myself, the result is great, good skin, firm face, anyone who is interested in taking care of yourself to look good, I recommend it.
Art Director with skin problems from loop work

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

I have an uneven face problem. An acquaintance suggested adding fillers. therefore consulted a doctor at Pongsak Clinic Then add filler around the face and jaw to balance the face shape and add Masculine Jawline after seeing the obvious change. After taking photos, I feel like I look more manly. I like it very much.
The bride prepares before the wedding.

Natnicha Akaradamrongdet (Poi)

Poi is getting married On an important day, I want to take the most beautiful photos. to keep memories of the special days of life But there is concern about the front frame is not clear When you smile, your face blooms wattle under the chin Consult with the doctor and choose to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After the treatment, I am satisfied with the results, the front frame is clear, the dewlap is reduced, and I feel more confident.