Strengthen the couple's relationship without snoring.


Strengthen the couple's relationship without snoring.

If your husband or wife sleeping next to you has a problem with 'snoring', don't overlook it! because in addition to shaking the legs of the bed also affect health until sleep apnea occurs, which 'Snoreless' The laser tightens the palate and uvula. from USA can help cure snoring problems and strengthen the couple relationship without snoring without surgery

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What is Snoreless and how it works 

Snoreless is a laser innovation that solves snoring problems from USA Approved by the US-FDA to solve the problem of snoring. Tighten up the palate and uvula. Do not block the airway Which is the work of energy with a wavelength of 2940 nm (Er YAG) by treating the inside of the mouth around the uvula palate (Soft palta and Uvula). To stimulate the production of collagen to shrink the area. and open the channel for air to pass through more easily cause good sleep health It is also a technology that has been developed. To solve the problem of snoring without surgery and do not need to recuperate after surgery.

Results of Snoreless Treatment 

1) cure snoring
2) Snoring decreases or returns to normal
3) Decreased airway obstruction
4) The sagging palate and uvula are tightened. Allows air to pass easily and breathe better while sleeping.
5) better sleep quality
6) sleep full wake up and after waking up in the morning feeling refreshed
7) Improved relationship between couples in sleep

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Snoreless is suitable for

People with snoring problems, both women and men

People aged 30 years and over

Those whose muscles in the upper respiratory tract are sagging to the point of blocking the airway

Those who have snoring problems that affect their relationship

People with sleep apnea

area suitable for treatment 

uvula area
soft palate

treatment process 

1. The doctor analyzes the problem of snoring and examines the sagging area in the treatment area.
2. The doctor started the treatment. It takes about 45 minutes while treating the patient to feel only warm. close to sipping warm water And during treatment, the patient can rest and drink water.

Highlights of Snoreless Treatment at Pongsak Clinic 

It doesn't take long to heal.

No pain from surgery

no scar

no recovery

See the treatment results since after doing it.

working principle

Snoreless Use Fotona 6D for treatment, which is a technology that uses Erbium (YAG Laser for Snoring) to tighten the soft palate, buccal, and uvula. in order not to block the airway Which is the work of energy with a wavelength of 2940 nm (Er YAG) by treating the inside of the mouth around the uvula palate (Soft palta and Uvula). To stimulate the production of collagen to shrink the area. and open the channel for air to pass through more conveniently reduce the problem of snoring and sleep health improved since the first treatment

preparation before doing

1. The service recipient consults a doctor to analyze the problem. and understand the treatment process

2. Doctors design personalized treatment. and assess the number of treatment sessions

3. Clients with oral ulcers Must heal the wound before healing.

4. Service recipients must be in good health. not having a cold or respiratory infection

5. Patients taking aspirin or anticoagulants must temporarily stop taking the drug before treatment.

self care after treatment 

After 24 hours of treatment, the patient should refrain from eating hot soup. or spicy food
After the first treatment, the problem of snoring will improve and see clear results after 2 weeks, but the patient should continue treatment at least 3 times to make the results of the treatment clearer and significantly reduce snoring. efficiency

Additional instructions 

– Patients can measure treatment results. By downloading the application 'Snorelab' (free download for both IOS and Android systems)
– Patients with oral ulcers that cannot be treated The wound must be healed first.
– to make the treatment effect last longer Patients should continue treatment for about 3 times (depending on the severity of snoring). If the snoring problem is very severe, it should be treated about 5 times depending on the doctor's consideration.)
– Treatment results can last 1 year – 1 year and a half

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