Lift and tighten the facial structure with silk threads. 

Lift and tighten the facial structure with silk threads. 

As the age increases, the sagging of the skin changes the shape of the face. The use of silk threads combines specific techniques from physicians who are knowledgeable in the anatomy of the face. can help lift and tighten the face to look good It also reduces the sagging of the skin to be smooth and tight.

Aging and sagging skin comes with increasing age, which the program 'Lift & Firm' or 'thread lifting' is another technique for taking care of yourself. That helps solve the problem of sagging face. and solve problems In addition to the ability of 'Botulinum Toxin A' and 'Dermal Filler' to lift the face. Adjust the face shape to be sharp and fit. Cheek grooves become more shallow. and solve the problem of double chin By bringing the silk threads under the skin layer to attach to the tissue to be raised inThe same way as facelift. Stimulate the skin to create collagen. stimulate blood circulation Restore healthy skin cells and adjust the new skin cycle cycle

Areas that can be lifted and tightened 

The face and body areas include the head of the eyebrows, the tail of the eyebrows, bags under the eyes, corners of the mouth, cheek grooves, neck, under the arms, chest, abdomen, calves, etc.

There are 4 types of silk

1. PDO (Polydioxanone) is a single thread. Initially used in the medical field to suture the heart and blood vessels. Can decompose naturally
2. Spring Lock thread looks like a spring Improves the efficiency of skin tightening.
3. Silk Aptos There is a silk thread cut into a barb like a fishbone. Help customize the face shape.
4. Golden silk made from pure gold. Stimulate the body to create collagen well. but has a high cost and cannot be decomposed
Of the 4 types of silk, 2 are widely popular. And when used together, it will result in a better face lift that is silk. PDO and silk Aptos which has the following properties

PDO silk

• Can be used at all points across the face.
• Able to self-decompose within 6-10 months and the effect lasts for 1-2 years.
• Stimulates collagen production and blood circulation.
• Tighten the skin. shine bright
• Less injury due to the thin thread Why do you need to recuperate?
• Suitable for those who have less sagging skin problems.

Silk Aptos

• Use in the deeper layers of the skin where there are problems with sagging skin.
• Long lasting but can be dissolved in 2 years
• Help adjust the face shape.
• See results from the first treatment.
• Helps pull the skin back to tighten.
• After treatment, it takes 3-4 weeks to recuperate, but the effect can last for a long time.
• Suitable for those who have very sagging skin problems.

Results of thread lifting

 face lift
• Clear and smooth skin.
• Reduce fat on the face. Make your face slimmer.
• Makes the jaw smaller.

Preparation before threading

• Refrain from alcohol and smoking. because the production of collagen will be inhibited when lifting the thread
• Stop taking medications that affect blood clotting for at least 1-2 weeks.

Taking care of yourself after thread lifting

• After thread lifting, there may be swelling and redness. It depends on the reaction of each individual body. You can use a cold compress to help. which the symptoms will disappear within 1 week
• Refrain from alcoholic beverages and refrain from smoking for another 2 weeks to help the body create collagen well. and wounds heal faster
• 2 weeks after thread lifting, procedures, treatments and lasers should be consulted by a doctor.
• In order for the silk to work effectively, it should not be kneaded vigorously. thread lifted area for 2 months

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