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Giving birth to healthy skin...with plant placenta extract Over the years, the term 'Stem Cell' from humans and animals has been widely used in the treatment of diseases and skin care.

Giving birth to healthy skin…with plant placenta extracts

Over the years, the term 'Stem Cell' from humans and animals has been widely used in the treatment of diseases and skin care. But there are still some limitations to be careful when using. until recently discovered 'Plant placenta extract' (Plant Placenta) that exists naturally. and equipped with skin care properties For pampering healthy skin with the 'Total Skin Rejuvenation (IM)' program. 

What is Total Skin Rejuvenation (IM)?

What is Plant Placenta Extract?

'Plant Placenta Extract' (Plant Placenta) or 'Plant Stem Cell' (Plant Stem Cell) It is a natural substance found beneath the ovary in the pistil of plants. which contains high concentrations of protein and peptides acts like a biological agentAccelerates the skin's natural repair process. effect in cell regeneration. and promote healthy new cells

The plant placenta extract is rich in essential nutrients that are suitable for nourishing, protecting, and replacing old skin cells. and keep the skin cells alive It also builds the immune system to prevent cell damage. Including changing the external skin for the better, such as acne, red rashes, scars, wrinkles of age dryness, dullness, etc.

Properties of Plant Placenta Extract in Total Skin Rejuvenation (IM)

treatment process

1. The doctor prepares the medicine.
2. The doctor performs the treatment. It takes no more than 10 minutes.
3. After treatment, the patient sits or lies down to rest for 10-15 minutes and can go home.

Highlights of Total Skin Rejuvenation (IM)

 placenta extract directly into the skin make the body gradually Absorption of nutrients to use continuously
• Take the placenta extract into the body in the right amount.

Since the past, the use of herbs or natural products to take care of beauty has continued. But with the advancements in technology that have developed a lot. making it possible to extract concentrated nutrients from nature to nourish the skin, which 'Total Skin Rejuvenation (IM)' is one of the ways to revitalize the skin to be healthy again.

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Owner of clothing brand Basicbysita

Khemamanat Chulikiat (Yaya)

Yaya takes care of her skin at Pongsak. because of confidence in the standards of the clinic And every time I come for treatment, I get satisfactory results. Plus, the doctors and staff take good care of it too.
Beauty blogger from Take me out

Keetnattha Lertthanatuchirang (Phueng)

Choose to do Ultherapy to tighten the skin because the appearance of the skin is important. A better-looking personality boosts confidence. and can continue to do other things Like now that I'm a blogger, I have extra income and have more activities. Bee therefore chooses to do Ulthera to take care of the skin.
Art Director who has skin problems from working in loops

Donset Kasemsiriwat (Dol)

Age 30+, I am most worried about sagging skin. Because using only skin care is not enough, I choose to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After the treatment, I feel younger, look better, the sagging face is lifted up. Tighter, smoother, more detailed skin. I got a lot of confidence back.
Young office worker

Kiattisak Unsena (Joe)

I lacked confidence because I was a man. But when you take off your shirt, it looks like you have breasts. My friends always teased me until I got to know Coolsculpting. Help get rid of fat. smoother chest I'm sure."