Lift, tighten, fluffy, solve skin problems in a complete formula

lift, tighten, fluffy 

Complete solution to skin problems

All about LIFT By Pongsakclinic It is a program invented by Pongsak Clinic. To help lift and tighten the skin in a complete formula With the power of technology to lift and tighten the skin, all 3 tools are Thermage CPT Ultherapy and SKINLIFT 6D in joint care of skin and beauty which have been carefully selected to allow you to reverse the age of your skin maintain tightness and youth successfully

Highlights of All about LIFT program By Pongsakclinic  

Treatment with the 'All about LIFT' program “It is a treatment that covers all skin problems. Both the upper layer, the middle layer and the lower layer are fully treated, such as ptosis or eyebrow problems. Ultherapy good results Thermage CPT or Thermage FLX and Ultherapy quite suitable As for problems with smiling or wrinkles in the center of the face, treatment with SKINLIFT 6D So the All about LIFT program is complete for the treatment of the entire face. Which is suitable for everyone who wants to solve skin problems” Charoenlak Kongdamnoen, Physician at Pongsak Clinic

Details of each program in All about LIFT by Pongsakclinic  

Thermage CPT

Skin lifting technology with 'RF' (Monopolar Radiofrequency) waves helps lift, tighten, adjust the face shape, stimulate new collagen production and increase skin elasticity from the dermis layer to the fascia muscle layer. (SMAS), which is suitable for those who have excess fat on the face, cheeks and chin chin.


Focused Ultrasound (Focused Ultrasound) technology is a specific deep skin tightening in various depths. until reaching the muscle fascia layer (SMAS), which provides the right treatment results make the skin lift up Fixing the sagging face frame to get it back in shape


Laser innovation that meets skin care needs covering 6 skin problems in 6 steps, even in the most difficult positions that any tool can reach. And it is also the first innovation that can treat deep into the 'Mucosa' layer inside the cheeks. Makes it possible to take care of the wrinkles on the Smile part at the point


treatment process

1. The staff cleans the face and wipes the cosmetics for the patient.
2. Employees apply anesthetic to the patient. For Thermage CPT/FLX and Ultherapy treatment, wait 30-45 minutes (for SKINLIFT 6D, no anesthetic is required).
3. The doctor performs the treatment. It takes about 30-45 minutes while treating the patient to feel warm on the skin from the energy of the device.
4. Employees apply nourishing cream and sunscreen to patients.

results after treatment

Combining the energy of 3 skin care tools Make the results of treatment with the LIFT program be effective. as follows

 keep the front frame clear          

 lift and tighten the skin            

 Adjust the shape of the face.                        

 Reduce fat accumulation on the cheeks and wattle under the chin    

 Reduce the sagging skin of the face and neck.

 Solve the problem of droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes.         

 fuller, fuller lips

 Adjust the skin color regularly and tighten the pores to smaller.    

 Bright, smooth, glowing skin

 Stimulate collagen to make the skin look younger.                

suitable for

 Those who want to solve all facial skin problems in one program
 loose and sagging skin
 face not fit
 There is fat on the cheeks and wattle under the chin.
 Want to lift the face, tighten the skin and keep the face frame tight
 Want to adjust the face shape to be smaller
 Want to adjust the facial skin to be smooth and clear
 want to reduce wrinkles Fill in cheek grooves, corners of the mouth, and under-eye contours.
 Afraid of needles, afraid of surgery and no recovery time    

Advantages of treatment

 Collecting tools for solving skin problems in up to 3 tools.
 Helps solve skin problems successfully
 Helps maintain the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.
 It doesn't take long to heal.
 no need to incubate
 The treatment results were seen from the first day and the results became clearer and clearer in 3-6 months after the procedure.

preparation before treatment

 Avoid sunlight for 1-2 weeks.

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Hundred million business woman executives

Ladawan Kongdamnern (Joy)

Joy has been exercising hard for over 3 years, getting stronger and stronger. The shape is much firmer. But there is one point that can't go away, which is the lower belly, which is the stubborn fat that is the hardest to get rid of. One day I found out that Coolsculpting It is an innovation that helps get rid of stubborn fat that is difficult to get rid of in various parts of the body. Joy decided to do it immediately. And the lower belly that has been bothering me for many years has disappeared since the first month after the procedure. I feel very good.
Investors and Business Owners

Wittawat Charoenwat (Satang)

I have been taking care of myself, tightening my skin with Thermage since I was in my early 30s, now I'm close to number 4 and I still trust to do Thermage continuously. Because I'm impressed with the results. both tighten skin restore collagen and better skin health
Talented young business owner

Natthamon Korsawatvorakul (Nan)

Nan always lifted her face with Thermage. After having a head to tighten the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, I decided to do it. because of eyelid problems Make your skin firm eyes look bigger Confidence in lifting and tightening at Pongsak Clinic
Smart business owner

Orawan Phancharoen (Jeab)

Worried about cheek problems, wattle and face not slender Consult with the doctor and recommend Therma FLX after the smile. The face is slimmer, the cheeks are reduced, the dewlap is gone, the face frame is clearer. Thermage is the answer for keeping wattle that is right for us.