Carbon Clear

Laser for good skin health

Wrinkles, blemishes, freckles and dark spots from acne can be solved with 'Carbon Clear', a laser that directly destroys skin pigment and restores healthy skin. Beauty care with 'Carbon Clear' combines laser treatment and 'Peeling' the skin with 'Carbon Peel' to help the top layer of dead skin come off. The laser directly destroys the skin pigment. Including skin rejuvenation Stimulate collagen production, making blemishes, freckles, dark spots fade away. and tighten pores

Working principle of Carbon Clear

Combining the use of carbon powder imported from abroad. make wrinkle treatment And the destruction of abnormal pigment works better. especially the direct destruction of the blue to dark pigment Which the laser can penetrate down to the depth of about 1-1.5 millimeters under the skin. The result is that it can solve various problems. that makes the face not smooth and clear

The results of treatment with the Carbon Clear program

 Inflamed acne and clogged acne are reduced.
 Freckles, blemishes and dark spots look faded.
 acne scars and shallow acne holes
 stimulates the production of collagensmooth and clear skin
 See results from the first treatment

Advantages of Carbon Clear

It is a laser that affects skin pigmentation. And solve skin problems that are effective since the first treatment. In addition, it can also remove tattoos, red birthmarks, black birthmarks, permanently remove eyebrow tattoos. and can make a pink nipple laser as well

treatment process

1. Mask the face with carbon powder and leave it for 5-15 minutes. 
2. 5,000 shots of laser thoroughly all over the face or until the carbon powder disappears from the face. Make your face smooth and clear. Because the laser captures the black pigment of the carbon powder.
3. Wash your face clean. which will reveal smooth and clear skin

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Asian actor

Jonni Hao

I have heard from many people around me that doing Ultherapy has good results. Now getting older It's time to do some Ulthera. I chose to do it at Pongsak Clinic. The doctor did a great job. Where the skin is sagging, take special care. After making the skin firmer, I'm impressed.
Beauty blogger/youtuber

Kesinee Pincharoen (Florence)

When I get older Problems with sagging skin, wattle, and unclear facial contours The solution that the doctor recommends is to do Ultherapy after doing it. Looking in the mirror and looking at the skin, I can feel that the skin is firmer, the face frame is clearer, and the double chin has decreased since the procedure. Plus, it doesn't take long to do and can continue to work. I'm very satisfied.
Hundred million young entrepreneurs

Keerati Panyawuthikrai (Want)

When I was 40+, I had a wattle. I consulted a friend who said that Ultherapy could help. I came to do the procedure at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it from the first time See results for firmer skin, convenient, cost-effective, long-lasting results So I do it every year.
Creative graphic designer

Thosaporn Durongmongkolmat (Jay)

At the age of 30+, the gravity causes the skin to sag. I like doing Ulthera and the skin is lifted up, the face frame is clear, life is good, it's really good to experience it yourself. After doing it, you will be more confident. Face is slender, skin is lifted and tightened.