WISHPro Plus+

Treat, revitalize and replenish nutrients to the skin deeply.

Treatment, revitalize and add nutrients to the skin deeply.

Having flawless skin is the desire of all of us. But very few people are lucky enough to have no skin problems. But even if you are the one who has skin problems, don't worry. because Pongsak Clinic has brought innovation WISHPro Plus+ Come to help restore, nourish, repair and add nutrients to your skin deeply. With smart chips and sponge capsules, there are 13 types of capsules to choose from, which are suitable for all ages and cover all skin problems.

WISHPro Plus+
Technology invented to deeply nourish and add nutrients to the skin.
receive 2 Patented smart chip and sponge capsule
Combine skin care equipment 3 in 1
have 56 Research supports
pass the standard CE-FDA andUS-FDA
More than 1,500,000 treatments around the world"

What is WISHPro Plus+?

WISHPro Plus+ is a new technology invented. To revitalize, repair and add nutrients to the skin deeply It is a skin care with sponge capsules. According to your skin concerns, the innovative WISHPro Plus+ is designed to suit the needs of skin care and solutions for all ages and skin types. Because there are 13 types of skin care nutrient capsules with concentrated ingredients to choose from. by providing results, including restoration Dry skin caused by Give moisture to the skin. slow down premature aging protect skin from pollution Adjust the skin color to be smooth and clear. Helps treat people with sensitive skin problems. Sensitive skin is caused by what? and irritate the skin for better health skin care

WISHPro Plus+ Suitable for all ages and all skin problems.
only take time to do 15 minutes to feel relaxed and deeply nourish the skin.
You will feel more comfortable on the skin than applying the cream yourself.
Improved skin results after the first treatment 

Working principle of WISHPro Plus+

Skin care innovation WISHPro Plus+ by SYNOIA was developed using Magnetic Influsion Technology (MIT) to convert magnetic vibrations into a light energy field. Makes the nutrients contained in the tool head and the serum capsule sponge penetrate into the skin for deep nourishment. by obtaining a patent Smart chips and sponge capsules Combining a 3 in 1 skin care device, it helps to make the skin stronger and healthier from within.

oily skin dehydrated / How is combination skin?

What kind of skin problems does WISHPro Plus+ help with?

dry skin – The problem is that the facial skin is not smooth, the skin is easily tight, the skin is prone to aging, and eventually develops into sensitive skin.

oily skin – Skin problems are easily greasy after applying the cream, large pores, and acne prone.                                

combination skin - most people's skin Skin care should be chosen according to the most prominent skin features of the face.

sensitive skin – Usually occurs with people with dry skin and dehydrated oily skin. It is the heaviest skin problem and the most difficult to take care of.

Who is WISHPro Plus+ suitable for?

✅ - People with skin problems from 20 years old

✅ - people with dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin

✅ – Those whose skin has lost its density

✅ - Those whose skin is uneven and uneven

✅ - Those who have dull skin

✅ - People with dark spots

✅ - Those who have shallow wrinkles

Suitable area for WISHPro Plus+

– all over the face

WISHPro Plus+ Results

You can choose to take care of your skin problems, divided into 4 tools, 13 types of capsules, nourishing nutrients.

green tool head : helps shed dead skin cells stimulate the excretion of waste facial cleansing and increase oxygen to the skin

fits : People with dry, sensitive skin

Vitamin capsules include:

Peel exfoliator natural scrub Helps remove dead skin cells Provides moisture to the skin

Calming milk Reduce inflammation, anti-bacterial and treat acne.

Rejuvenation Restore skin damage from sunlight, reduce cracks, restore skin elasticity.

Anti-aging serum Help build armor and vitamins for the skin. Make your skin hydrated.

red tool head : Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

fits : People with dry skin

Vitamin capsules include:

Collagen infusion antioxidant Slow down the deterioration of the skin. boost skin immunity

BTX infusion Reduce wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.

Hyaluronic infusion Retaining moisture of the skin Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

blue tool head : Treat inflammation and allergies

fits : those who have oily skin

Vitamin capsules include:

Brightening APL Smooth skin, smooth skin color Help reduce dark spots.

Repairing APL Repair and protect the skin to be strong and healthy.

NEO Energy APL Reduce wrinkles and tighten skin

Gold tool head (yellow) : pushing the solution through the skin stimulate facial muscles and push vitamins into the skin in particle form

fits : those who have oily skin

Vitamin capsules include:

AGE Control Lift and tighten the face. make the skin firmer

Wish Contour Clear skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce dullness Reduce dark circles around the eyes.

Wish care Soothing, repairing the skin. Maintain skin barrier balance and heal wounds

Steps to make WISHPro Plus+

1) The doctor evaluates the skin. to design treatments to get results that match your skin problems and provide advice on treatment.

2) The staff cleans your skin for you.

3) Staff pushing vitamin nourishment with WISHPro Plus+ takes about 15 minutes per capsule.

4) Complete treatment skin cleaning staff Apply nourishing cream and sunscreen for you.

Preparation before doing WISHPro Plus+

– The facial skin must not have scars or skin diseases. If there is, it must be cured first.

Self-care after WISHPro Plus+

– can make up immediately and can use daily life as usual

– 1 week after WISHPro Plus+ should apply sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++

Additional instructions on WISHPro Plus+

– WISHPro Plus+ has almost no side effects. But if there are abnormal symptoms Employees or doctors should be informed immediately.

– WISHPro Plus+ results depend on the food capsule selected. which can choose more than 1 type of capsule, which can consult a doctor to discuss skin problems and design the desired results

refer : https://www.wishproasia.com

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