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Firm and tighten skin, US machine Nowadays, people pay more attention to skin care, both women and men.

Thermage FLX lifts and tightens the face, tightens the skin, thermage, where is the best price, pantip Pongsak Clinic
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Skin tightening, firming, US machine

Nowadays, people pay more attention to skin care, both women and men. Especially the surface that looks like the first defense that people see us. For example, in popular topics, there is a topic about skin tightening with many methods that we would like to mention, namely skin tightening. Thermage Review Pantip which Thermage It is a skin tightening technology with world-class technology. The previous version was Thermage CPT And in the year 2018, it has developed to another level of Lift and tighten the face, adjust the face shape, reduce the double chin, reduce the cheeks along with solving problems Sagging skin, reduce wrinkles Areas include eyes, neck and body too Thermage FLX Innovation for deep skin tightening, fat reduction, restoration and stimulation of collagen production. Makes the skin structure come back to be firmer, clearer facial frames and smoother skin in the form of Thermage FLX purple head The latest model that has been further developed and used to tighten the skin.

What is Thermage FLX? 

Thermage (Thermage) is the use of radio frequency technology (Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency / CRF) used to tighten the deep skin layer and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Ready to restore elasticity to the skin. which the machine is from the United States received the US-FDA standard that has been used to tighten the skin since 2003 and Thermage FLX purple head is the latest model that has been further developed and released for skin tightening in 2018 and 2020

results after treatment 

face : Tight and firm skin Wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead shallow The facial structure between the jawline and under the chin is clearer.

eyes : Reduces wrinkles and reduces ptosis, making the eyes look bigger.

body : Firmer curves and contours : Smoother abdomen, buttocks and legs

smooth skinmore after just one treatment

reduce wrinklesforehead, crow's feet, and cheek lines

fatlower subcutaneous

glowing skinbetter health

The results will continue to improve in 6-12 months, gradually becoming evident in the 2-6 months and the results last for 1-1.5 years.

It depends on the skin condition of each individual. and the aging process of the skin 

Working principle of Thermage FLX 

Thermage FLX It uses radio frequency technology called 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF) to send vibration energy into the skin deep into the 'Dermis' or dermis layer and subcutaneous fat layer. which can solve the problem of sagging collagen fibers As a result, the skin structure is firmer, restored and stimulates the creation of new collagen. Wrinkles are reduced, and it also helps to make the skin stronger and smoother. only one treatment without surgery and can treat all skin types The sooner you take care of your skin, the more you can prolong the youthfulness that lasts longer with your skin.

suitable for 

People who have facial fatand have wrinkles and sagging skin

whofront frame is unclear wattle under the chin

Those whose faces are not sharp due toloss of collagen due to aging

a group of people after childbirth and after losing weight, whichThere is a problem with loose and uneven skin.

those who haveUneven skin problemsfrom 25 years old

whowant to tighten the skinwith a feeling of relaxation throughout the treatment

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area suitable for treatment 

• face Including the forehead, wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds, facial contours, etc.

• neck, wattle under the chin

• eyes Including droopy eyelids, etc.

• body Including sagging abdomen, thighs, etc.

Highlights of Thermage FLX 

thermage lift thermage thermage price thermage is thermage flx thermage flx price Pongsak Clinic

preparation before doing

1. Service recipients consult a doctor to analyze facial skin problems.

2. Doctors design individual treatment. and evaluate the number of shots for skin lifting

3. Before treatment, the service recipient must not have scars or skin disease in the treated area. If there is, it should be cured first.

self care after

Thermage treatment has very few side effects. with side effects found That is, after the treatment, the face may be slightly red and swollen. which will subside within 2 hours or a slight rash in the treated area and will disappear within 1-2 weeks

treatment process 

The staff cleans the face and wipes the make-up for the patient.

The staff apply anesthetic to the patient and wait 45-60 minutes.

The staff wipes the patient anesthetic and cleans the skin.

The doctor started the treatment. It takes about 30-45 minutes (depending on the treatment area), which while treating the patient will feel warm. on the skin from the energy of the device and feel the coolness of the gel used in the treatment

doctor finished treatment Employees clean the patient's skin and apply nourishing cream.

reference information :

Thermage / theramage review / Thermage is / thermage flx review / Thermage pantip / Thermage Review / Thermage is 

thermage lift thermage thermage price thermage is thermage flx thermage flx price Pongsak Clinic

thermage lift thermage thermage price thermage is thermage flx thermage flx price Pongsak Clinic

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Frequently asked questions about Thermage FLX

Thermage (Thermage) What is?

Thermage is an innovation that uses frequency technology, known as 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF), to send heat and vibration energy down to recover collagen and tighten the 'Dermis' layer or the dermis layer and fat layer underneath. skin

The Thermage is a tool imported from the United States. And received the standard of the US FDA or US-FDA that helps to tighten the skin. and create new collagen for real by going down to solve the problem of sagging collagen fibers that lack flexibility in springing causes collagen fibers to shrink back and has a tighter thread Adheres to skin tissue better than ever. makes the skin more flexible and strong

What can Thermage help with?

Thermage Stimulates collagen and tightens the skin on both the face and body as follows:

face : Helps lift and tighten the sagging face. front frame is unclear There is a lot of excess meat along the edge of the jaw, there is a wattle, or even the eyelids start to fall, eyelids fall, including people at the corners of the mouth start to fall. Starting to have grooves or wrinkles and stimulates the creation of collagen for the facial skin

torso : Helps to solve the problem of sagging abdomen, stretch marks, especially mothers after giving birth. or after losing weight, which is a lot of weight loss and the skin condition cannot be tightened and fit

Thermage Who is it suitable for??

Thermage Suitable for those who want to lift up the skin and stimulate collagen aged from 25 years and over without surgery.

for fear of pain I don't want to have scars or do not want to do procedures that require a recovery period

Precautions in doing Thermage ?

old people The doctor must evaluate the appropriate form and treatment.

do Thermage does it hurt?

innovation Thermage Designed to help relieve pain with Comfort pulse technology by Integrated cooling, which cools the upper skin. And the vibration system makes the skin feel comfortable while treating. In addition, the new generation of Thermage that has been developed will reduce the pain to be less and less, such as the new Thermage FLX, purple head. The Pongsak Clinic is currently using the latest model that almost does not hurt.

duration of making Thermage How long??

Thermage takes only 1-2 hours to get full results.

Results after doing Thermage how is it?

After doing Thermage, you will see the lifting results right after the treatment. After that, the skin condition will continue to improve. continually And see the obvious results in the 3-6th month, the results will remain 1-1.5 years after treatment (depending on the skin condition and individual self-care)

Possible side effects from doing Thermage?

After Thermage, there may be red spots. which will disappear on its own after a few hours and in some cases there may be slight swelling and will disappear by itself as well

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