As we age, whether women or men must face the problem of sagging. Wrinkles on the face Skin that has lost collagen Now there is the innovation of Thermage, skin tightening technology. that takes skin tightening to the next level Helps adjust the shape of the face, reduce double chin, reduce cheeks, solve the problem of sagging, not firm skin, making the skin look youthful again. It can also reduce wrinkles in various areas, including the eyes, neck, and body.
which now PONGSAK CLINIC There is the innovation of Thermage FLX, the purple head, the latest developed model that will tighten everyone's skin, help reduce fat, restore and stimulate the production of collagen to increase the skin to another level. And Phongsak Clinic, we have been using the Thermage machine to take care of our customers for over 10 years and are also the first one. of Thailand that has been trusted by the Asian company Thermage to bring this new model to use to tighten the skin for our customers.

What is Thermage? Why do you have to do Thermage?

Thermage innovation is a non-surgical facial tightening technology using radio frequency technology (Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency / CRF), which has a mechanism to tighten the deep skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Makes the skin flexible and the Thermage innovation is the machine from the United States. It has received the US-FDA Gold Standard level, ensuring safety, up to standard, and not harmful to the skin.

And most importantly, now at PONGSAK CLINIC there is the latest Thermage innovation like Thermage FLX, purple head, which is the latest model that has been further developed and used for skin tightening in 2018 and 2020 until now.

The working principle of Thermage FLX is interesting.

As mentioned above, Thermage FLX is the latest in Thermage technology, which uses 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF) to send vibration energy deep into the skin, reaching the 'Dermis' or dermis layer. and subcutaneous fat layer Helps create more collagen and rearrange the skin to make it tighter, firmer, and wrinkles are reduced until noticeable in just one treatment. without surgery Can be used with all skin types, all genders.

Do Thermage and you can reverse the age of your skin by 5-10 years.

Bringing you back to youthful skin again.

Difference between Thermage FLX and Thermage CPT

Another question: How is Thermage FLX (purple head) different from Thermage CPT (orange head)? Both of these machines are the same skin tightening machines. Just Thermage FLX (purple head) is the latest model. Working principles have been developed to be more efficient. Whether it is in terms of releasing focused energy that can be done more directly, uses a smaller number of shots but maintains better. Reduce pain and time during the procedure That's why PONGSAK CLINIC brings the Thermage FLX machine to treat the skin of patients. To ensure that everyone receives the most accurate and satisfying treatment results.

Areas suitable for treatment with Thermage FLX

  • The face includes the forehead, wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds, facial contours, etc.
  • neck, wattle under the chin
  • Around the eyes or Thermage EYE treatment, including sagging eyelids, etc.
  • The body includes a flabby stomach and thighs, which are suitable for mothers after giving birth.

7 ways to check whether a Thermage machine is real or fake.

You will notice that Thermage treatment has a wide range of prices to choose from. If you find a Thermage package at a price that is cheaper than what is in the general market. You may need to be careful about using fake Thermage machines.How to tell which Thermage FLX machine is real or fake?That can be observed as follows.

  1. Check the genuine machine symbol If it is a clinic that uses a genuine Thermage FLX machine, it will be visible in an area within the clinic that is easily noticeable.
  2. Has a logo and certificate issued by SOLTA MEDICAL, a world-leading medical device invention and research company. from the United States If the patient has used services at PONGSAK CLINIC, this certificate will be seen inside.
  3. Thermage treatment will clearly tell you the number of shots used because the shot used for treatment is It will be disposable. If the number of shots is not clearly stated, it may be a fake.
  4. A genuine guarantee sticker is attached to the device.
  5. The new Thermage FLX uses only the purple head.
  6. Done by an expert doctor Pongsak Clinic has been using the Thermage machine to take care of customers for more than 10 years. Pongsak Clinic is also one of the first. of Thailand that has been trusted by the Asian company Thermage to bring this new model to use to tighten the skin for customers. And there is a team of medical experts who have been trained in using the Thermage machine and have actually used it.
  7. The clinic you choose to use must be trustworthy. Phongsak Clinic, we are ready to take care of the skin and shape of every customer with long experience accumulated from being open for service for more than 30 years, with many customers trusting us to use our services.

Phongsak Clinic Tighten your face with Thermage
Over 3,000,000 Shots as of 2023

How much does Thermage FLX cost in 2024? Where is a good place to get Thermage FLX?

Everyone can have their skin tightened at Phongsak Clinic. We have tightened the face with Thermage innovation, taking care of customers for more than 10 years, using Thermage FLX machines to treat skin for more than 3,000,000 shots in 2023. Be confident in safety because Thermage FLX machines have been certified by US-FDA standards.
And we have a great value package. that is suitable for each individual's skin condition The treatment design depends on the doctor's evaluation and the individual's skin problems. You can consult a doctor and get a free treatment evaluation! Available at all Pongsak Clinic branches or online!

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Highlights of Thermage FLX in treatment

  • Doctors who are experts and have experience in tightening the face with Thermage. At Phongsak Clinic We have performed over 3,000,000 facial tightening shots with Thermage as of 2023.
  • Thermage FLX offers precise treatment, measurable results in Real Time.
  • Thermage FLX is the latest generation that has been developed and tightens the skin more effectively.
  • Thermage FLX heals faster.
  • Thermage FLX uses less treatment but has better results.
  • Thermage FLX hurts less because the energy can be adjusted to suit each individual's skin condition.

Who is Thermage FLX suitable for?

  • People aged 25 years and over who want to reduce sagging skin.
  • People who want to tighten their skin and adjust the shape of the face to be slimmer
  • Those who have unclear facial features There is a double chin under the chin.
  • Those whose faces are not sharply shaped Because of the loss of collagen from increasing age
  • Group of people after giving birth and after losing weight Have a problem with loose, sagging, and not firm skin.

However, Thermage FLX treatment is not suitable for people with inflamed skin problems, infections, and those wearing a pacemaker. Including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should consult your doctor before using the service.

Results after Thermage FLX treatment

Thermage can be done from the face. to the body to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin smooth which is the result of doing Thermage There are also many other advantages, such as

  • Helps the facial skin to tighten, the skin shrinks, wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead become shallower.
  • Helps tighten the curves, concave areas of the body, and smooth the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.
  • Stimulate the skin to create more collagen.
  • Helps the skin shine and look healthier.
  • Continuously adjust the face shape to be slimmer and tighter.
  • Reduce sagging Reduce wrinkles
  • Restore the skin to be smooth and beautiful. It can treat all skin types.

Do the results last long?

For Thermage FLX treatment, results will be seen from the first treatment of 20% and results will continue to improve and be clearly seen in 1-3 months. Results can last for 1-1.5 years, depending on skin condition and the process of skin deterioration with age. of each person Including individual skin care.

8 steps to do ThDermage (Thermage)

Before coming in for Thermage to tighten the skin, patients can drink water. You can eat normally. Before receiving service You don't have to prepare much. Because Thermage is a skin tightening technique that does not require surgery. There is no need to recuperate after the procedure.

1. The service recipient consults a doctor to analyze facial skin problems. The doctor will design individualized treatment. and evaluate the number of shots to lift and tighten the skin to the most precise point. Before treatment, the client must not have any scars or skin disease in the treated area. If there is, it should be cured first.

2. Employees clean faces and wipe off makeup for patients.

3. The staff applies anesthetic to the patient and waits approximately 45-60 minutes to wait for the anesthetic to take effect.

4. The staff wipes the anesthetic off the patient and cleans the skin.

5. The doctor began treatment. It takes approximately 45-90 minutes (depending on the area being treated), during which the patient will feel warm. on the skin from the energy of the tool and feel the coolness of the gel used in the treatment and while treating the patient there are 3 phases of sensations:

  • The patient felt cool on the skin from the doctor applying the cooling gel to the skin. To protect the upper layer of the skin
  • The skin begins to vibrate when the Treatment Tip of the Thermage machine touches the skin at the treatment location.
  • Later, I felt that the Treatment Tip vibrated and there was alternating heat and coldness on the skin area. This feeling lasts for 2 seconds per shot, which is the feeling that 'RF' energy is sent through the skin into the deeper layers of the skin. It creates heat energy in the treated area and tightens the skin.

6. During treatment An experienced doctor will periodically ask the patient about his or her feelings of heat. To adjust energy values to suit each individual. 

7. Immediately after treatment The patient will not have any pain. But in some cases, the skin may be red or pinkish for about 1 hour, which will disappear within 1 day. After that, the patient can use products, put on makeup, and do various activities as usual, without needing to recuperate.

8. Results will be seen immediately after treatment with approximately 20% and will last for 1-1.5 years, depending on the skin condition and care of each individual. After that, if the Thermage treatment is repeated The treatment results will last longer and the skin will look visibly younger.

Taking care of yourself after Thermage treatment

As mentioned above, Thermage treatment does not require any recovery time. You can put on makeup as usual. Still, you still need to take care of your facial skin after Thermage treatment to get effective, long-lasting results.

  • After the Therma treatment, refrain from any other treatments, scrubs, or laser treatments for approximately 2 weeks. 
  • Avoid various factors That can cause the skin to sag and wrinkle again, such as exposure to the sun. Smoking and drinking alcohol 
  • Get enough rest. Exercise regularly on a regular basis. So that the collagen can be fully restored.

How are Thermage FLX / Hifu / Ulthera SPT different?

There are 3 main procedures that many people are interested in and want to know the differences about: Thermage Hifu and Ulthera SPT. Each treatment has different working principles and gives different treatment results as follows.

Thermage FLX (purple head)

Uses radio frequency energy 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF) to create heat under the skin to stimulate the function of the skin beneath the collagen. Makes the skin strong and flexible, wrinkles reduced, facial shape reduced, fat accumulation reduced. See results immediately after doing 20%. Results last for 1-1.5 years.


Or what is familiarly called hifu. It uses high intensity ultrasound waves. Energy goes deep into the muscle layer or SMAS, suitable for those who want to tighten sagging skin. Helps reduce wrinkles on the face and lifts and tightens the face to make it slimmer. See results immediately after treatment and see more clear results within 2 weeks. 

Ulthera SPT

Ulthera uses specific high-frequency sound waves, or Focused Ultrasound, to target the upper muscle tissue (SMAS) to help lift and tighten the skin. prominent facial frame Results will be seen immediately around 20%. Results last for 1-1.5 years.

In conclusion, each procedure has different working principles. If you are wondering what type of procedure your skin is suitable for? Come consult with an expert doctor to assess your skin condition. treatment design In order to treat our skin as directly as possible

Thermage FLX reviews from customers who used the service

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thermage lift thermage thermage price thermage is thermage flx thermage flx price Pongsak Clinic

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Frequently asked questions about Thermage FLX

What is Thermage or Thermage?

Thermage is a skin-lifting innovation that uses frequency technology, known as 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF), to deliver heat energy and stimulate the 'Dermis' layer, or the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. Helps collagen fibers shrink back. and there is a spiral that tightens Holds skin tissue better than before Makes the skin more flexible and strong.

What does Thermage help with?

Thermage treatment helps stimulate collagen and tighten the skin on both the face and body. or around the eyes Also known as Thermage EYE treatment, which makes the skin around the eyes firm and wrinkle-free.

Who is Thermage suitable for?

Suitable for those who want to tighten their skin without surgery. Can be done from the age of 25 years and up or those who want to tighten the skin to make it smooth. Look younger or a group of mothers after giving birth and after losing weight who have problems with loose, sagging, and not firm skin

Does Thermage treatment hurt?

If you do thermage at Phongsak Clinic We have used the new Thermage FLX machine with the latest purple head. that during the procedure did not result in pain and takes little time to heal

How long does it take to do Thermage?

For the Thermage treatment, it only takes 1-2 hours to get full results. But this depends on the skin condition of each person.

Results after Thermage treatment

Thermage results will be visible from the first time you use 20% and results will be evident in the 1-3rd month. Results will remain for 1-1.5 years after treatment (depending on each individual's skin condition and self-care).

What waves does Thermage use?

Thermage treatment uses radio frequency 'Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency' (CRF) to send vibration energy deep into the skin to the 'Dermis' layer or the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. Helps create more collagen and rearrange the skin to make it tighter and tighter.

What type of facial structure is suitable for Thermage?

Facial contouring Thermage that is suitable for treating is a face that is not in shape. Have a lot of cheeks and a double chin. Thermage treatment will correct these skin conditions. It will not make the skin firm. Reduce wrinkles and sagging skin

Can Ulthera Thermage be done at the same time?

If interested in doing both Ulthera and Thermage at the same time. This can be done, but you must consult a medical professional to assess your skin condition. and let the doctor design the skin treatment so that it can be treated in the most precise way It is usually popular to use Thermage to tighten the skin. and make the fat and facial frame into shape first and gradually lift and tighten the skin to get Ulthera. It will help with results of lifting, tightening, and revitalizing the skin x2.

Where is a good place to do Thermage?

At Phongsak Clinic We have the innovation of Thermage FLX, the purple head, the latest developed model that will tighten everyone's skin, help reduce fat, restore and stimulate the production of collagen to increase the skin to another level. And Phongsak Clinic, we have been using the Thermage machine to take care of our customers for over 10 years and are also the first one. of Thailand that has been trusted by the Asian company Thermage to bring this new model to use to tighten the skin for our customers.

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Besides taking care of taxes, once in a while, I take care of myself. So I want to do something that produces good results. Meet Thermage for men with hair-like cheeks in terms of skin tightening. After making the face slender and firmer feel that the skin is tight Definitely come back again
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Yaya takes care of her skin at Pongsak. because of confidence in the standards of the clinic And every time I come for treatment, I get satisfactory results. Plus, the doctors and staff take good care of it too.

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Ning had surgery to remove fat under the cheeks. but felt that the cheeks did not tighten back up causing problems with hanging cheeks Facial skin is not firm, sagging, wrinkles begin to appear on the forehead. and there is an obvious ditch Ning is interested in doing Thermage. Which has studied the information that is suitable for the problems that exist therefore came to consult with the doctor at Pongsak Clinic done and good results The skin has tightened since after the treatment and solved the problem at the point where it was there. Thank you.