Skin Radiance

Fulfill the skin to shine bright and juicy. Have you ever encountered this problem? Dull, dehydrated, dry, flaky skin Can't make up

Skin Radiance

Fulfill the skin to shine bright and juicy.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Dull, dehydrated, dry, flaky skin Can't make up I don't dare to go out if I don't cover my skin with cosmetics. But the more you apply, the more you cover your skin, the worse it gets. It's the dark side that I don't dare reveal to anyone. We also have help to help you dare to reveal your natural skin as you are with confidence even without makeup. 'Skin Radiance' Substances to fill the skin to give a bright, lustrous glow. Easy to make up. Cosmetics blend harmoniously with the skin.

Skin Radiance is the answer to glowing, healthy skin With outstanding features as follows:
• Skin Radiance Change dull skin to be bright with aura.
• Skin Hydration The skin looks full and hydrated. glowing, glowing, healthy
• Skin Rejuvenation Take care of your skin to be healthy again.
• Pore Minimization tighten pores smooth skin

What is Skin Radiance and how does it work?

Skin Radiance is a product in the group 'Filler' or 'filling substance' (Filling substance) Smooth texture from Switzerland Certified by the FDA from the United States. Help adjust the face shape to look full. Has the ability to fill the skin layer which contains hyaluronic acid components (Hyaluronic Acid or HA) that exists in the body naturally but the body produces hyaluronic acid Less acid or faster deterioration from increasing age, so adding fillers will help moisturize the skin cells. Make your skin smooth and firm.

medical invention Skin Radiance More Replacing or supplementing HA in the skin that is lost. to fill the volume to make the face plump improves firmness moisturizing and adjust the smoothness of the skin. Skin Radiance has merged a special technique called 'Hourglass Pattern' Developed by Merz Aesthetics to fill in the cheeks and under-eye areas where the face's best light hits. And it is also like adding water under the inner skin (Dermis) and slowing down the aging process as well.

Skinradiance fills under the eyes and cheeks. Adjust the face shape to look fuller. Reduce wrinkles, healthy skin, clear, juicy, full of water, tighten pores, smooth. pongsakclinic

Results of Skin Radiance treatment

Fill the cheeks and under the eyes

Adjust the face shape to look fuller.

reduce wrinkles

healthy skin

Clear, glowing, full of water

Pores tighten and smooth.

who is suitable for treatment

Suitable for people aged 18 and over.

Have a problem with shabby face, less rest

Uneven skin, large pores

Dry, dehydrated skin looks dull

have aging problems

Responding cheeks, flat forehead without dimensions

Deep under the eyes make it look dark shadows under the eyes all the time.

Can't make up Cosmetics do not blend with the skin.

treatment process

1. The doctor examines the skin and evaluates the treatment.
2. Staff clean the skin for the patient and apply anesthetic for about 30 minutes.
3. The doctor performs the treatment. It only takes 15-30 minutes.
4. The doctor finished the treatment. Employees clean the patient's skin and apply nourishing cream.

self care after treatment

– Within 12 hours after treatment, refrain from facial massage or facial scrub.
– Within 48 hours after the treatment, no makeup.
– Within 2 weeks, abstain from alcoholic beverages.
– Refrain from being in a place that is very hot or very cold, such as sauna, onsen, skiing, etc., for about 2 weeks.

Additional instructions

Skin Radiance It is a product from Merz Aesthetics only with safety certification. And has a history of being used for more than 10 years in more than 50 countries around the world. The quality is confirmed with the Injectable Product of the Year award in 2017 from The Aesthetic Industry Awards. Before receiving the service, the patient can be checked with the clinic whether it is a product of Merz Aesthetics or not?

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