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Pongsak Medical Clinic

Beauty and skin care clinic and treatment for general diseases
Founded by Dr. Pongsak Thammathatcha-aree, has been in service for more than 30 years, comprising a team of experienced doctors. along with bringing modern innovations to meet the needs of beauty
Currently, Pongsak Clinic offers services in 9 branches managed by a new generation team. who came to develop the service model and the image of Pongsak Clinic to be more modern To meet the needs of various groups of customers and strive to be a standard clinic in the international level.

Pongsak Clinic to look good in your way

The Pongsak team is ready to take care of you.

Pongsak Clinic Received an award from the Asian Clinic
lifting awards and more

News and Activities Pongsak Clinic

modern toolsand pharmaceutical productsinternational standard

Medical Device

Morpheus 8

Latest medical technology Helps tighten the skin at a deep level

Medical Device

Thermage FLX

Facial skin tightening technology A slender face has a dimensional figure.

Medical Device

Ultherapy SPT

Face lift innovation meet your needs

Medical Device


Cryotherapy technology slimming with cold

Medicinal Products

Pure Toxin (Bo German)

Bo for modern people, light, comfortable, looks natural.

Medicinal Products

Filler Restylane

Fill the skin to be full and moisturized

Medicinal Products

Botulinum toxin Type A

A helper to reduce wrinkles of age. and adjust the shape of the slender face

Medicinal Products

NAD+ Cell Therapy

Anti-aging, helps to heal and revitalize the body deep down to the cellular level.

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