Fine Scan

Laser treatment for acne scars for smooth skin Meet 'Fine Scan', a laser technology to treat large and deep acne scars to be more shallow.

 Laser treatment for acne scars to smooth the skin. 

Meet 'Fine Scan', a laser technology to treat large and deep acne scars to be more shallow. Ready to help stimulate collagen. It also tightens the wide pores to be smaller. and smoother skin

What is Fine Scan? 

Fine Scan is a technology that emits a narrow beam laser as a tiny dot. thousands of spots on the skin per square centimeter toStimulates tissue regeneration to reveal skinbetter health The laser is smaller than a hair. through precise depth control into the collagen structure layer of the skin which the laser can penetrate the skin down to a depth of 1500 microns, thusLaser that treats skin problemscan be

Features of FineScan

• Help restore old skin.
 Contributes to the stimulation of collagen production
• Treatment of acne scars
 Scar Treatment (Keloid)
 reduce wrinkles
 Visibly reduces deep grooves
 Treat large pores to tighten and smooth.

Who is suitable for Fine Scan treatment?

1. Problems with large and relatively deep acne holes
2. Enlarged pores, not tight
3. The face has deep wrinkles and furrows.

care after treatment

1. The patient can work normally. But the skin will be pink like being exposed to the sun for about 2-3 days, which is the process of creating new skin cells of the body.
2.Avoid contact with water for 24 hours.
3. You can apply makeup as usual. But should use sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher andAvoid direct sunlight for 1-2 weeks.
4. During the old skin cells fall off. Facial skin will become darker, which will gradually fall off within 7-10 days and reveal new, healthy skin.
5. Treatment should be continued for 4-6 weeks, every 3-6 weeks (depending on individual skin condition).
6. Treatment of skin problems with Fine Scan will feel the change of the skin better since the first treatment. And after 2-3 treatments, the skin will be pleasantly smoother.

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Choose to do Ultherapy SPT because it helps lift deep skin layers. so that the skin does not sag over time and the results last for years. The doctor also focused on a lot of problem areas, especially according to each person's problem. The results came out very well. You can see that the skin is tight and the face frame is clearer since the procedure.
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i am a trainer Exercise makes the weight go up and down, so the skin is wrinkled. My friend recommended me to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it, the skin is lifted and tightened, which is good.