Skin Detox

Detoxify the skin to be bright. Residual toxins in the body cause an imbalance. resulting in various systems malfunctioning

Detoxify the skin to be bright.

Residual toxins in the body cause an imbalance. As a result, various systems malfunction, resulting in acne, blemishes, and sensitive rashes. The skin care program 'Skin Detox' 16 points all over the face. Help restore balance to the internal system in the body to return to normal function and other beauty care works better.

When the skin is not bright Sensitive rash Taking care of yourself too'Skin Detox' 16 points across the face isbalancing the work of the body to return to normal using natural healing principles which is like adding a vaccine to make the skin smooth, soft, moisturized, bright and hydrated

What is Skin Detox?

Skin Detox It is an alternative medical skin treatment. using natural principlesThere are many natural extracts such as collagen, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. Therapeutic walking the drug under the skin 16 points all over the face This allows natural extracts to spread quickly across the face. And the body can use the drug to treat the disorders that occur.

How does Skin Detox work?

It starts with the detoxification process (Detox) and dead skin cells left in the skin. which interferes with cell functioning Makes the circulatory system better cells work efficiently and stimulate the creation of new collagen within the skin Including the inhibition of anti-oxidants The skin is stronger. operation of various systems of the body is normal As a result, the problem of chronic acne, blemishes, hormones, and allergies caused by abnormal functioning of the skin have improved.

Who is suitable for Skin Detox treatment?

Since Skin Detox is a natural facial care, it is gentle, suitable for all genders, all ages, all skin types and can treat many parts of the body such as the face, neck, back of the hands, etc., including those without skin problems can add nutrients to the skin. better health as well

Results of Skin Detox

• Accelerate the excretion of toxins and residual waste from the body. which is the cause of wrinkles
• Stimulate the function of the organs that act in excretion such as the liver, intestines, lymph nodes, etc.
• Stimulates blood circulation, allowing the body to restore itself well.
• Helps to detoxify at the cellular level.
• Balancing the body to have a strong immune system.
• Improved skin health
• Helps to treat the origin of wrinkles.
• Make other beauty care functions effective such as treatments, lasers, etc.

Skin Detox Skin Care Period

Stimulating the skin with Skin Detox should be treated continuously 5-10 times in order to see clear results, which Skin Detox gives results in 2 phases. Initially, immediately after use, the next morning, you will feel that your face is soft, bouncy, smooth and make up. makeup sticks better After 10 treatments, the body's system will return to normal function.

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A mother of 3 children who wants to tighten up her abdomen again.

Weeraya Tiemmaka (Im)

After the birth of the third child, I decided to do Coosculpting because I needed a helper to really work. After doing it for two weeks, I saw the change. Lower abdomen and lower abdomen Come back and put on your favorite clothes. Let me tell you that the results exceeded my expectations. I feel very good.
Freelance actor

Bus Namthong Thanpraisan (Namthong)

With a career that has to be in front of the camera all the time therefore looking for various ways to recover the sagging skin until meeting Ulthera after feeling the change The skin is lifted up. confidently go out on camera again work love happy
Housewife age 60+

Wanpen Keawthong (Tu)

Even though I'm old, I want to take care of myself to look good. I've done HIFU before, so I want to try Ultherapy because I know that there is the latest SPT technique. If anyone is interested in taking care of your skin with Ulthera. Try to visit Pongsak Clinic.
Pilates Trainer

Amornthep Oranwatanakul (pop)

i am a trainer Exercise makes the weight go up and down, so the skin is wrinkled. My friend recommended me to do Ultherapy at Pongsak Clinic. After doing it, the skin is lifted and tightened, which is good.