technology to break down fat with cold cold fat reduction slimming with cold 

Coolsculpting Fat dissolving by cold, where is the best price pantip Pongsak clinic


technology Fat burning with cold cold fat reduction slimming with cold 

'fat' in the body is somethingdifficult to removewhether women or men Many times fat loss was successful but it came back again. Even some people who are in good shape haveFat accumulates in specific areas, which is very difficult to reduce. Whether dieting, eating clean, or exercising strenuously. Some fat spots do not disappear. It is stubborn fat that is difficult to lose. If you encounter these problems Let me tell you, the traditional fat reduction innovation is normal. Let's meet with technology. 'Coolsculpting' innovation from United States of America is Fat burning with cold that is not justfat removal but alsolipolysis and 'kill fat cells' to disappear permanently bothslimming cold fat removal causing the killed fat cells to not reappear Fat dissolving with cold Pantip

Coolsculpting 'Killing fat' and tighten the excess body to disappear with cold.
no surgery No downtime, no wounds
causing the killed fat cells to never return
Especially in the area where 'stubborn fat' or 'accumulated fat' which cannot be eliminated by any other means.
It takes only 35 minutes to treat each area, resulting in fat reduction 25-30%.
Supported by 72 studies and treated by more than 8 million people worldwide.

by the fat reducer as well Coolsculpting 95% Satisfied with the results.

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What is Coolsculpting? 

Coolsculpting It is a slimming and fat burning program. with technology Cryotherapy helps dissolve fat and reduce the amount of accumulated fat. and kill fat to disappear from the body By using cold to help break down fat. By transmitting cold at the freezing point at a temperature of -11 to -13 degrees Celsius. in making the fat accumulated under the skin in different parts The body freezes and disintegrates on its own. It will then be excreted through the body's natural excretory system, which Coolsculpting It is a technology from the United States. Certified by the US-FDA standard, it can effectively reduce the amount of fat in the body. Suitable for reducing stubborn fat and cannot be reduced by other methods, whether through diet or exercise.

Coolsculpting Fat dissolving by cold, where is the best price pantip Pongsak clinic

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Highlights of fat dissolution Coolsculpting 

Fat burning with cold

can dissolve excess fat directly at the fat cells

kills fat and eliminates it from the body byNo surgery and recoveryfor a long time

Eliminate fat from the body permanently.

Kill fat cells : Fat that is killed with innovation Coolsculpting dead and dead no more new fat cells

Fat cells are destroyed and eliminated, resulting in less fat accumulation in the treated area.

Balanced distribution of body fat

solve the problem of excess fat on the spot more than other methods

Abdominal collapse, the proportion has clearly decreased.

The remaining fat will be rearranged, resulting in a thinner layer of fat and a smaller proportion.

The advantages of fat burning Coolsculpting 

Treat once and see results.

See the treatment results since after doing it. which treatmentThe first time, fat is reduced to 25-30%. approximately

Helps get rid of fat permanently

The chance that fat cells will come back is very small. compared to other methods currently available

The treatment process does not destroy nearby tissue cells.

no need to apply anesthetic

During the treatment, the patient can do other activities such as watching movies, using the telephone or reading books, etc.

It doesn't take long to heal.

No pain from surgery

no scar

no recovery

 – The subcutaneous fat tissue is located directly on the dermis layer.
– Subcutaneous fat can also be effectively eliminated. Coolsculpting
– Coolsculpting selectively targeting the adipose tissue layer only
– Coolsculpting Effective fat removal by the skin and other tissues Surroundings are not affected.

Fat cells are cells that are found mostly in adipose tissue serves to store energy in the form of fat on the skin and around the organs to provide energy to the body The fat cells divide until they are about 2-5 years old, after which the fat cells expand in size instead. If the body has excess fat, the fat cells will increase in number. and existing fat cells will enlarge When the fat cells are densely gathered together, the skin will bulge into an orange-peel skin orCellulite (Cellulite) In different parts of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Coolsculpting It's a way to adjust the shape of the garden to be beautiful.
Coolsculpting not weight loss but to reduce fat
when fat is removed You will get the result: a more beautiful shape. It's not about losing weight.

Did you know? Weight loss and fat cell reduction are different.

Weight loss When weight is reduced, fat cells become smaller. But the fat remains in the body intact. when eating indulgently or lacking exercise Fat cells will fall asleep and grow again. or divide into new fat cells that increase in number For the reduction of fat cells with a machine Coolsculpting It is the removal of fat cells to die and disappear permanently. causing its cells to decrease without surgery


Coolsculpting Fat dissolving by cold, where is the best price pantip Pongsak clinic

 Coolsculpting Helps reduce fat in specific areas of the body, including 
– reduce wattle reduce fat under the chin
– reduce fatupper arm and rear wing
– reduce belly fat
– rubber ring around the waist upper and lower abdomen
- hip
– bottom
– reduce thigh fatinner and outer thighs

Coolsculpting Fat dissolving by cold, where is the best price pantip Pongsak clinic

fat removal procedure Coolsculpting 

1. Before treatment Physician assessing the body make a treatment plan Determine the treatment area, number of clamps and applicator heads used.
2. While treating The doctor performs the treatment by installing a cold release device or an applicator on the area that needs to reduce fat and release cold. The treatment takes about 35 minutes per clamp. During the first 5 minutes of treatment, the patient will feel cold. Being pulled and tightened the skin before feeling numb because of the cold into the fat layer under the skin. When the treatment is finished and the tools are removed from the patient The staff will massage the skin to stimulate the fat to break down effectively for 2-5 minutes.
3.After treatment Patients may have red or itchy skin. some under the skin which will occur in the first period after treatment Then the fat cells will begin to die. The skin will gradually tighten. and see the results of a firm shape and a clear proportion in the 3rd month

Where is the best place to break down fat with cold?

Why is it necessary to break down fat? Coolsculpting at Pongsak Clinic 

1) Tell the price and the clamping area to be treated clearly.
2) Use the real device and applicator head, US-FDA standard from the United States.
3) Customers can buy courses at a good price. Because we ordered a large lot of heads used in treatment.
4) Treatment by experienced doctors Coolsculpting
5) Continuous follow-up after treatment

Taking care of yourself before getting rid of fat too. Coolsculpting

– The patient must take care of himself for the skin in the area that needs to be slimmed down, get rid of fat without scars or skin diseases.

Taking care of yourself after getting rid of fat too Coolsculpting

– If wanting to maintain a firm and proportionate body after fat removal as well Coolsculpting Patients should control their diet and exercise regularly.

Those who are not suitable for fat removal as well Coolsculpting

– Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
- People with cold intolerance, including cold urticaria, fear of cold, abnormal blood clotting

– Persons with physical devices such as pacemakers Those who have recently had surgery on the area that needs fat reduction

Additional instructions

– elimination of fat Coolsculpting will only get rid of fat cells under the skin Other areas of fat The number of untreated patients remained the same. Can be done at Pongsak Clinic, Esplanade Ratchada branch, Future Park Rangsit branch, Chonburi branch and Nakhon Pathom branch.

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Where's Coolsculpting Right?

Coolsculpting Fat dissolving by cold, where is the best price pantip Pongsak clinic

Coolsculpting Review / Does Coolsculpting Work Pantip


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Frequently asked questions in Coolsculpting

1.Coolsculpting What is?

Coolsculpting It is an innovation that breaks down fat with cold. from USA Certified by the US-FDA standard to kill fat cells permanently. By transmitting cold at the freezing point at a temperature of -11 to -13 degrees Celsius. Causing the fat that accumulates under the skin in different parts of the body, including the abdomen, rubber rings around the waist, upper arms, thighs, hips, etc., to harden and dissolve itself. It is then excreted according to the process of excreting waste from the body naturally. The result is 25-30% fat reduction and effective body slimming.

2.Coolsculpting Any help??

Coolsculpting Was invented to tighten the body. break down and kill fat cells in the body Especially fat at the point that is difficult to get rid of or stubborn fat. Which neither exercise nor diet can be eliminated, but Coolsulpting can be done and see real results From the feedback of more than 7 million real users around the world. All are satisfied with the results after doing it. Coolsulpting

3.Coolsculpting Who is it suitable for??

People aged 20 years and over have problems with accumulation of fat in various parts of the body, concern about their body shape and lack of confidence. Whether it's big upper arms, squeezed thighs, big hips, upper belly, lower belly, and the edge of cheese comes out when wearing pants. or at the point where the handle can hold the fat on the hand Coolsulpting solve your problem or even mothers who have gone through childbirth Coolsulpting In the abdomen, no matter how to reduce the fat, it can be reduced.

4.Precautions in doing Coolsculpting?

doing Coolsculpting What you need to be careful about is if there is a wound or a rash on the skin. or a skin disease in the area that needs to be done should be cured first

Those who are not suitable for fat removal as well Coolsculpting is

those who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Persons with cold allergies include cold urticaria, fear of cold, and abnormal blood clotting.

Persons with physical devices such as pacemakers People who have recently had surgery on the area that needs fat reduction, etc. Coolsculpting does it hurt?

Coolsulpting Apply cold through the skin layer to the fat layer. In the treatment, it causes a slight pain or stinging, during the first 5 minutes of treatment, the patient will feel cold, pulled from the applicator, and taut before feeling numb because of the cold to the fat layer under the skin.

6.duration of making Coolsculpting How long??

doing Coolsulpting It will be counted as a clamp in each area, for example, 1 clamp on the left thigh, 1 clamp on the right thigh, of which 1 clamp will take about 35 minutes to do, then there will be a massage for more fat dissolving. With Pongsak Clinic's unique techniques, it takes about 5-10 minutes.

7.Results after doing Coolsculpting

results in making Coolsculpting will see the results clearly After about 3 weeks - 1 month after doing it and seeing the full results after 3 months, you will feel that the proportion has clearly decreased. and fat decreased about 25-30%

8.Coolsculpting How many heads does Pongsak Clinic have and which areas of each head can be used to dissolve fat??

Coolsculpting There are 5 heads to help dissolve fat with cold. each area of the body as follows:

1. Cool Petite Advantage is used for small areas such as chin chin, underarms or areas with little fat.

2. Cool Advantage for abdomen, inner thighs, back wings, etc.

3. Cool Advantage Plus: Areas with large areas of fat accumulation.

4. Cool Mini: Areas that have not much fat, such as underarms and knees.

5. Cool Smooth Pro is used in the upper abdomen. Rubber rings around the waist, outer thighs, etc.

***The use of the head differs from person to person depending on The area to be dissolved and the doctor's evaluation.

***Those who are interested can assess their fat and design their body for free! at Pongsak Clinic


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Wittawat Charoenwat (Satang)

I have been taking care of myself, tightening my skin with Thermage since I was in my early 30s, now I'm close to number 4 and I still trust to do Thermage continuously. Because I'm impressed with the results. both tighten skin restore collagen and better skin health
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When I get older Problems with sagging skin, wattle, and unclear facial contours The solution that the doctor recommends is to do Ultherapy after doing it. Looking in the mirror and looking at the skin, I can feel that the skin is firmer, the face frame is clearer, and the double chin has decreased since the procedure. Plus, it doesn't take long to do and can continue to work. I'm very satisfied.
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Nan always lifted her face with Thermage. After having a head to tighten the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, I decided to do it. because of eyelid problems Make your skin firm eyes look bigger Confidence in lifting and tightening at Pongsak Clinic
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Yaya takes care of her skin at Pongsak. because of confidence in the standards of the clinic And every time I come for treatment, I get satisfactory results. Plus, the doctors and staff take good care of it too.