Acne DNA

Solve acne problems deep into the skin structure. Say goodbye to old facial skin care methods that cause acne to disappear slowly.

Solve acne problems deep into the skin structure.

Say goodbye to old facial skin care methods that cause acne to disappear slowly. Plus leaving scars from acne all over the face. Then turn to treat acne problems at the point and cover all acne problems with 'Acne DNA' 

working principle

Acne DNA is the introduction of useful nutrients into the skin. To treat acne problems such as reducing acne, killing bacteria that cause acne inflammation Helps treat inflamed acne and clogged acne. Reduce the work of the sebaceous glands. make acne collapse faster Etc., along with adjusting the skin to be balanced. make the face smooth and even treat allergies and control oiliness on the face Help reduce wrinkles from acne. Prevent the formation of acne holes. And strengthen the skin at a deep level to the structure of the DNA in the skin cells.

who is suitable for treatment

• Problems with inflamed acne or clogged acne.
• Oily face problems due to imbalance of sebaceous glands
• Problems with uneven skin from acne.
• Having all types of acne problems such as acne, rashes, pimples, pus, etc.

Factors that cause acne

• hormone levels in the body
• Dead skin cells and bacteria get clogged up causing pimples.
• Inadequate skin cleaning causes acne.
• Genetics
• stress
• The use of products that are not suitable for the skin causing allergies and acne.
• Skin irritation from picking, rubbing or squeezing pimples.
• Taking certain medications can cause acne, such as birth control pills.

type of acne

• Blackheads Blackheads Blackheads are due to the hair follicle glands producing pigments, resulting in a black color.
• Whiteheads Whiteheads that do not have an opening of the oil glands into the skin.
• Papules Acne lesions appear and there is inflammation of the skin around the acne lesions.
• Pustules It is an acne blister, but the top of the blister has pus.
• Nodules a lump under the skin Press and feel pain
• Cysts The most severe type of acne there is pus inside and most likely to occur around the scar

results from treatment

• Treatment of inflamed acne, clogged acne, rashes and pus-headed acne.
• Treat acne scars and acne scars.
• Control and reduce oiliness on the face.
• Helps condition and prevent acne.


Advantages of treatment

• few side effects There may be redness from treatment depending on individual skin condition. which will disappear by itself within 2 days
• The incidence of acne is reduced.
• Existing acne collapses and heals faster.
• If treated regularly.Facial skin will be smooth and clear without acne.

self care after treatment

• Do not wash your face for 3 hours.
• Can be treated once a week.

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