Innovation, lifting + tightening the skin in all 6 dimensions

Innovation, lifting + tightening the skin in all 6 dimensions

If you have problems with sagging skin, unevenness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. and dull skin But don't have much time to take care of yourself and are looking for complete self-care in one program. without surgery to hurt the body and takes a short time to heal But gives satisfactory results. 'Skin LIFT 6D' is the innovation that meets your needs. Because it can meet the needs of a complete skin care formula.Comprehensive solutions for 6 skin problems in 6 steps, even in the most difficult positions that any tool can reach. It is also the first innovation that can treat deep into the Mucosa layer (mucous membrane layer), which makes it possible to take care of smile wrinkles on the spot.

What is SKIN LIFT 6D?

Skin LIFT 6D is a new laser innovation. which can deliver energy to the skin structure at various levels from the combination of two energy waves with a wavelength of 1064 nm (Nd YAG) and 2940 nm (Er YAG) forHelps lift and tighten the skin from the inside out. Even in the hardest places any tool can reach. The treatment covers 6 steps to solve skin problems, for example: Smile care Helps to make your face smooth and clear. reduce wrinkles Turn skin cells. tighten pores and adjust the skin to be smoother by seeing the change from the first day of treatment and will continue to improve in 3-6 months after the procedure

SKIN LIFT 6D has 6 treatment steps.

Step 1 Intraoral Tightening – Treat the oral cavity around the buccal bulge and inner lip The laser will go deep into the 'Mucosa' layer to stimulate collagen production (Mucosa is the buccal mucosa layer, which Skin LIFT 6D is the first innovation that can treat this deep layer).
Step 2 Rejuvenation – Helps to adjust the skin color to be smooth, consistent and clear.
Step 3 Skin Tightening – Applying heat to the 'Dermis' (dermis) layer to stimulate collagen fibers. Resulting in lifting and tightening of deep skin layers.
Step 4 Light Peel – It stimulates the exfoliation of the upper layer of skin cells. to reveal new skin that is smooth and clear
Step 5 Under Eyes – Solve problems, adjust the skin under the eyes to be smooth, reduce bags under the eyes, stimulate collagen. reduce dullness sagging and wrinkles under the eyes
Step 6 Lip Rejuvenation – reduce wrinkles and adjust the skin condition around the lips to get a plump, full figure


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Results of treatment with SKIN LIFT 6D

1) Adjust the skin color evenly.
2) bright
3) Reduce wrinkles and sagging
4) Smooth and radiant
5) Reduce dullness
6) full plump

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SKIN LIFT 6D is suitable for

 Those who want to take care of their facial skin with a complete formula in one program
• Want to take care of the sagging skin on the smile part which has not been treated by any other tools before.
 Want to lift the face, tighten the skin and keep the face frame tight
 Want to solve problems and adjust facial skin to be smooth and consistent
 want to reduce wrinkles Fill the cheek grooves, corners of the mouth and under-eye grooves
 want to fill the lips to be full and full
 Want to exfoliate skin cells to brighten the face
 People with shallow blemishes
 who is afraid of needles fear of surgery and no recovery time

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SKIN LIFT 6D treatment process

1. The staff cleans the skin for the patient.
2. The doctor performs the treatment in 6 steps, taking about 30-45 minutes.
3. While treating the patient will feel warm. from the laser energy Or some patients may feel a slight pain to almost no pain. and does not require anesthetic prior to treatment
4. Employees apply nourishing cream and sunscreen to patients.

Advantages of SKIN LIFT 6D treatment

 Comprehensive treatment of skin problems in 6 steps.
 Able to take care of the skin in a complete formula even in the hardest places any tool can reach, e.g. Wrinkles Sagging Smile Tighten wrinkles around the eyes, deep grooves under the eyes, fill and tighten the skin under the eyes.
 It helps to fill the skin like HA such as cheek grooves, lip lines, corners of the mouth and the front line.
 It doesn't take long to heal.
 No pain from surgery
 no scar
 no recovery
 See the treatment results since after doing it.

preparation before treatment 

 Avoid sunbathing for 1-2 weeks.

self care after treatment 

 Wash your face with plain water. by refraining from washing your face with facial cleansing foam for 24 hours
 Refrain from eating spicy food for 24 hours
 After treatment, there were no side effects. But the 4th step treatment after treatment, the skin will be pale pink. and make the skin flaky for 3-7 days
 After the treatment, daily life and make-up can be used normally, but for the first 24 hours after treatment, make-up should be lightly applied. and should not be under the foundation
 Should avoid sunlight for about 1 week and apply sunscreen with SPF50 or higher.
 Treatment results last 6-12 months (depending on individual skin condition).

Additional instructions 

 Skin LIFT 6D is certified by the US-FDA in the United States.
 If you have a history of herpes, you should inform your doctor. Because the laser may encourage the disease to come back.
 Patients with mouth ulcers that cannot be treated (must heal the wound first)
 Skin LIFT 6D can be treated in conjunction with other procedures such as fillers (Filling substance) by treating with fillers first. and about 2 weeks before treatment with Skin LIFT 6D
 so that the treatment effect lasts longer Patients should continue treatment about 2-3 times (on average once a month), after which it should be treated once a year to keep the results.

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