Don't trust those who look younger than your age. Said he had never done anything…can you believe it!!! THERMAGE FLX

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Bringing up the headline of the article like this might make many people start to suspect. Do not trust people who look younger than the age around them Whether it's a boyfriend, friend, or a celebrity who is 30 or 40 years old, but still looks like his early 20s, you may have asked them for the secret of their young looks. But many people replied Didn't do anything!!! Just take good care of yourself, don't stress, drink lots of water, get enough rest. and exercise only

Don't believe it. Because we have a deep background to reveal what they did. to the face of a child I'm not afraid of my age.

Have you ever heard the joking saying “Wow! I didn't do anything…but the doctor did”, right? 

That's it, that's part of the secret behind the tips we're going to tell you.

who said the doctor did Is part of the secret because the young-looking technique is done by real doctors. But this is not an injection of various substances. for wrinkle reduction, skin filling, or surgery Both of which many people will see the changes. The unnatural lasts for a period of time or requires rehabilitation. That made us definitely catch that he had asked the doctor to do something. Maybe it will disappear and not be able to see your face for a while, come back and look young at all

But did you know? that nowadays there is a rejuvenation innovation that people want to have a youthful face Including celebrities and celebrities around the world are overwhelmingly popular, that is Thermage

What is Thermage? We would like to introduce you to Thermage with these 5 items.

1 – Thermage is Technology to rejuvenate the skin Some even said, “Thermage has been done.can reverse the age of the skin by 5-10 yearsever.”

2 – Thermage rejuvenates the skin. with RF frequency that is heat energy skin safe and leave no scars (There may be some redness, but it will disappear in 1-2 hours.) After the treatment, you can dress up and use your daily life as usual. until people around you can't see what you've done For example, some celebrities may go to do Thermage at 10 a.m. and at 2 p.m. they can continue filming the drama, or young women in the office take a half-day leave and come to work. Friends can't catch what they've done. with a younger face, better skin or a young face with good skin all the time Because doing it regularly about once a year

3 – Thermage delivers energy to tighten the skin deep into the 'Dermis' layer or the dermis layer and the subcutaneous fat layer. which restores collagen and heals the skin Makes the skin firm, smooth, look younger from the inside out.

4 – Thermage The device has received US-FDA standards from the United States. Was developed to tighten the skin for the first time since 2003, the previous version was Thermage CPT Currently, the latest version is Thermage FLX 

5 – Thermage results are young, firm and firm skin. Slim face, fit in shape, reduce cheeks, reduce wattle which after doing it will see increasing results steadily and see clear results within 3 months and the results last for 1-1.5 (depending on skin condition and personal care)

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Those who are interested in doing Thermage FLX for a younger face. Don't forget to use these 3 techniques.

 1) Choose a trusted clinic Treated by a properly licensed physician

 2) Be sure to use the Thermage machine and the Thermage head.

3) There is an assessment of the number of shots to treat according to your actual skin problems.

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