Did you know? Do EMFACE only 4 times, equivalent to filling up to 5 tubes of Filler 



Innovation for deep facial skin lifting facial muscle layer Helps to firm the skin and make the skin fuller. Do it only 4 times, equivalent to filling. Filler up to 5 bulbs

Last month, Pongsak Clinic launched the latest innovation! of the face lifting industry, that is the EMFACE machine, which Pongsak Clinic It's the first clinic. of Thailand that brought the machine EMFACE The first revolutionary innovation in facial care industry. that can lift and tighten the facial skin deep down to the facial muscle layer to serve which has been well received from interested customers EMFACE, special promotion, launch price continually To experience the experience of skin rejuvenation, lifting, fulling, clear skin, beautiful in every skin layer at Pongsak Clinic

For those who are interested in information about Lifting and tightening the face from the deep layers of the skin. EMFACE MACHINE This article has information to tell each other. along with explaining why MAKE EMFACE which is a medical device that helps lift and tighten the face therefore giving you the results of skin care treatments that are comparable to filling Filler up to 5 bulbs 

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What is EMFACE? ?

EMFACE is The latest innovation in firming and lifting the skin deep down to the facial muscle layer (Muscle), which is the deepest layer of the face. And there has never been any tool that can cure sagging. Or lift the skin up to this level before, EMFACE is the first and only tool now that can do this. 

EMFACE MACHINE imported from the United States And certified by the US-FDA, ensuring safety standards. and internationalization Along with research to support safety and change results after doing At the same time, Pongsak Clinic is the first clinic in Thailand that uses the EMFACE machine to take care of your skin to firm and firm.


the work of EMFACE MACHINE How is it?

The principle of operation of the EMFACE machine uses 2 in 1 treatment energy, which is 

Sync RF and HIFES Technology Designed to firm the skin with the EMFACE device, especially by emitting both types of energy simultaneously through the Applicator that treats the face.


The skin layer that the EMFACE machine helps to treat.

The skin layer that the EMFACE machine enters to treat specifically is the facial muscle layer or Muscle Tone which is the deepest layer of the face and is the base layer of the next layer of skin, the tissue layer ( SMAS The subcutaneous fat layer, the dermis layer, and the epidermis layer. 

Therefore, when doing EMFACE, the facial muscle layer will be strengthened, helpingFirm, revitalize facial skin and as a base for other skin layers better followed by comparable to a house or building that, when the foundation is well built Your building or surface will be strong. and have a better quality from the inside to the outside naturally


Before treating customers, Pongsak Clinic's physicians such as Dr. Kung (Dr. Sirirak Laitthongkham) have treated facial skin problems and proven the results of the EMFACE by themselves, which clearly saw the results of changes in the skin. ever Let's go to see more information about the EMFACE machine from Dr. Kung.

Doctor Kung gives knowledge. Is EMFACE good? ?


EMFACE Before and After


Results after skin firming with EMFACE 4 times

I have seen the results after doing EMFACE of Dr. Kung, which doing EMFACE will begin to see changes after the first treatment. But the full results will be obtained when done 4 times or more and the results after doing 4 times will last up to 16 months, namely 

✅-Tightening skin the face to the neck

✅-Wrinkles are reduced.

✅-Forehead is smoother.

✅-The falling horoscope makes the eyes look bigger.

✅-Cheek bulbs are reduced. 

✅-Stimulate collagen and elastin. healthier skin

resultcompared as a percentage afterMAKE EMFACE

23% skin lifting

37% Wrinkles are reduced.

30% Firms the facial muscles.

19% increases muscle density.

26% increases collagen

2X increase elastin

25% skin smoothing

90% of real users satisfied


Why? Do EMFACE 4 times, equivalent to filling 5 tubes of Filler.

Read up to here, many people probably know more about the EMFACE machine. Now from the headline of the article that the EMFACE machine not only revitalizes the skin, lifts and brightens the skin, helps to be beautiful in all skin layers. But it also delivers the same results as adding fillers, how is that? Let's see the answer.

            answer : The result of EMFACE is to help make the skin that is sagging. Skin that is sagging or falling down, not full, comes back to lift, tighten, firm the skin and help the skin to be fuller and firmer. which the result at this point is equivalent to The results of replenishing the skin with Filler ( filler ) or skin fillers To make the skin look full up to 5 tubes or 5 CC ever

EMFACE is suitable for people who are resistant to Toxin and do not like needles.

The needleless advantage of the EMFACE machine is suitable for those who do not like augmentation. Filler A lot or do not want to use needles to take care of their own beauty, EMFACE is an outstanding and interesting new option. To help take care of your skin comprehensively. Because it provides both skin firming and lifting effect from the deep layers of the face.

In addition, doing EMFACE helps people with stubborn symptoms. Toxin or Botox and do not want Fill Filler Too much can be made Emface to help take care of the skin. It takes only 20 minutes to do all over the face and the results last up to 16 months. without using a needle no surgery no scar And do not need to recuperate as well

The EMFACE machine is so interesting.

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EMFACE, the latest innovation! The only one in lifting

Firm facial muscles, revitalize the skin, lift up, clear skin, beautiful in every skin layer. 

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